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I've just seen that Lee Hughes, former Baggies legend.......oh and the bloke that killed a man through reckless driving then ran away from the scene, has been arrest on suspicion of sexual assualt.

This post isn't meant to judge on weather or not an idividual is guilty of committing a crime but to discuss how much football fans are prepared to let their own players get away with, and how much the world of football will let them get away with.

As Chelsea fans we're as bad as anyone else; JT guilty of many a misdemeaner and caught on camera mouthing words that too any other fan in the country amount to racial abuse, is defended to the hills by us and if found guilty we wont accept that we'll say that it's a witch hunt. But what do we think Notts County fans should do about Hughes - if guilty and if found not guilty. Where does it stop? does the PL/FA have any committment to try to ensure that only "role models" are involved in the game at the hightest level?

Are there any limits or is the desire to win and the rewards for that just too great?

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Innocent until proven guilty. That's how it should be, but we all know that the press don't fully accept it. What is alarming is that Terry's allegations seem to drag on, and not what he is alleged to have said isn't a big deal, but it's certainly a lesser offense than sexual assault.

I think that the fake accusations on sexual assault in the past against football players haven't done anything good for people that may have actual claims. However, I think Terry's position as captain of a major club and country puts him in a precarious position, and in the limelight more so than others.

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