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Was consdering getting some tickets for the Villa game on the 31st, but noticed that MH Lower is "Restricted Viewing". Just how restricted is it? Is it difficult to see most of what is going on? Or would it be alright do you think?


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Depends really mate. I've had tickets in the back 2 rows - Rows HH and JJ I think. It's crap back there if everybody is stood up, but fine on the occasions when people sit down. Usually end up craning the old neck and sitting on the top of the seat. Can't really complain too much about the price though. On other occasions I've had tickets where I wonder why on earth they're classed as restricted. Earlier this season against Swansea I was in Gate 15 Row F, near the front by the corner flag. The only restriction was the copious amounts of cider I had consumed pre match.

Best just to check where they are when ordering.

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