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Request for help with research on racism in football


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I have received the e- mail copied below. If anyone is happy to help James with his research then PM me their e-mail address and I will forward it to James. His e-mail address is a University of Glamorgan one however note that I don't know James personally.

My name is James and I’m a student currently in my final year at the University of Glamorgan in South Wales. I’m currently conducting a piece of research looking at the prevalence of racism in modern football, in particular in the UK. As part of this research, I’m hoping to send out a questionnaire to representives (not official) of 20 football clubs around the UK. The questions will just be aimed at an individual who regularly attends home and away games for a number of years and agrees to give an honest opinion of their own club. The questions will be based around the individual’s experiences of racism at football games, both by their own fans and opposition fans if applicable, and their opinions of racism in the modern game and what can be done to help prevent it. If you yourself, or someone else you may know and would be able to help put me in touch with, would be able to answer these questions I would be extremely grateful, and send the questionnaire over to you a.s.a.p. You can answer the questions in your own time, there’s no particular rush as I appreciate you may be very busy. If none of these are possible, not to worry.



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