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Rob Di Matteo

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great to have him in as caretaker manager

i have already mentioned a while ago on this forum the passion i use to have for Chelsea back in the mid 90's all the way up to when Abramovich bought the club ( when jose was there i was still a mad cheslea fan ) but for everyone then started to bandwagon and follow the club when roman came in.

Seeing Di matteo on the sidelines brings back memories of those days when i was a mad Chelsea fan and i hope he does well liked him a lot as a player but i pray that Jose comes back.

Anyway i posted this just so everyone can discuss there fav di matteo memories as a player.....

the fa cup winning goal when zola swan in the cross is a obvious one for me but im sure theres more out there

please discuss, for me it reignites my passion for the club to see one of the old lads down on the sidelines.

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