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Mario Balotelli crashing Andrea Stramaccioni's first press conference as Inter manager


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'Why always me' he says.

Exactly. The antics grow tiresome after a while. The emotional crying after that Inter game where he was booed. The spat today. Enough with the nonsense.

I think back to the fireworks incident that inspired "Why always me?" If that had happened, and it was City who got killed 6-1, the media wouldlve been asking why Balotelli was screwing around with fireworks the night before a big game. Instead they all lined up to give him kudos for humor.

I dont hate the guy but he seems like such an attention whore and a drama queen. Good for showing support for your old coach, but wait in the hall till he is done. He looks like a three year old, coming in shaking hands, oblivious to the occasion.

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