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A little feeder to see what everyone would prefer...

A) recall Chalobah, Lukaku, KDB, Courtois and promote Ake, Feruz, Saville and any other of the youth teams I have failed to mention


B) continue buying players to replace the likes of Torres, lampard etc?

I would be quite happy not to win anything for a number of years in order to bring through some of the top talented kids we have at our disposal.. We have some top prospects coming through and as much as I'd like Falcao etc I'd rather see us promote the kids and giving them a chance.

I'm sick and tired of this 'big name' mentality we have at the club. We have missed out on some very good players because they are not worth stupid money and are deemed a gamble etc.

I want our mentality to change. Once the FSW has gone and the deadwood are out then fill these positions with the youngsters. They are most certainly ready!

I would find it more, I suppose, gratifying if we built a solid group of players from our own ranks and went on to win titles etc with them. We don't need big names we need to look at our own doorstep.

Feruz is looking a real talent as are a number of the other next generation lads. To beat Farcelona 2-0 on their own patch with 10 men was extraordinary. Farca are by far the best side at youth level and we best them. Lets see some of these lads moved up and in turn the U21 lads moved into the first team.

Chalobah, a mate of mine is a Watford regular, is getting 10/10 reviews week in week out. He has most definitely thrown his name into the hat for the holding midfield role along with Ake.

Would everyone else be happy not winning anything or 1 trophy for a few years to see this happen or continue with the buying buying buying mentality and winning trophies?

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