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  1. Credit where it is due I thought he worked his socks off tonight and had our final pass been better he would have scored. Still think he needs to leave Chelsea and go back to Spain mind. I'll give him credit he worked hard tonight. Knackered last 15 mins and Ba should have come on.
  2. I felt sorry for Torres a bit tonight.. It isn't his fault he no longer has it in him to be a top class player and I didn't agree with booing him whenhe came off. I'm not a fan and I believe his presence at the club is causing us problems but tonight he was making runs which were not being picked out because we played such utter sh*t passes side to side defender to defender. I want him out because the sooner he has gone the sooner FSW will be gone too! From his point of view he needs out of English football. In Spain he will find some form again but here he is finished.
  3. Tommy I am one million per cent against Gourlay and Buck etc and the sooner these tow the liners are gone the better also. Torres has been given his role as number 1 striker, he has failed he has nowhere to hide now because he has everything he wants. The board sacked Robbie because Torres wasn't firing and got dropped, my opinion on the saga, he was a £50m investment that a stubborn board would not want to admit was a failure just as Sheva was a failure etc. I believe they actually feel its managers' faults he is not performing and not the player himself.. If you see other threads I have vo
  4. RFC_CFC I am most definitely not after praise for my posts I am simply adding my opinion to the thread. If I believe something then I will air that view on a forum which associates itself with my club. If I disagree with a point by someone I will engage in debate and give my views. Some people obviously take comments too seriously on an Internet forum.
  5. I am the same but you can't see my point. I wanted him to succeed but it hasn't worked out, fine. My issue is that he is not trying, he is causing problems amongst our club along with others that are hindering our season. All I'm saying is the sooner he is out the better because FSW will follow!
  6. I'm a nasty little cretin for voicing my opinion? I'm not saying it to be big or clever saying it how I see it. If I don't feel a player is worthy of being at my club I'm not going kiss his arse just because he plays for my club..
  7. Pity away... I have explained my use of the word I'm sure 99% of people on here will know where I'm coming from but maybe you are incapable of doing so.
  8. Alan I have has close friends and family be diagnosed with cancer and I know 2 people who has passed from cancer.. Just because I used the term cancerous DOES NOT mean I am using it offensively. I will use a definition of the term cancerous for you and highlight what I mean when I use the term - a malignant growth This is how I view the attitude Torres has adopted and the fact that the club got rid of Didier in order to meet Torres' demands to be número uno at the club in the striker role.. We have lost our CL winning manager because of his inability to perform. Now over the period of a fe
  9. Exactly my point bjd... Sense spoken. I tip my hat to you sir.
  10. Is that not insinuating that I should be banned for using the term 'cancer'? I added my views on Torres, if I feel Torres is a cancerous problem that is hindering the team then I am more than within my rights to say so. Just because your offended by that does not bother me at all because it is my opinion, that's right MY OPINION. Don't be offended by an opinion because that is all it is. I'm not going round Chelsea yelling this out I am on a football forum which is invented to air your views with fellow fans.
  11. Shed pensioner, a complete idiot eh. Well If my opinion on Torres makes me that then oh well, I can live with it. I have my views on Torres. Like I have said before I was backing him hoping he would come good but this whole situation this season is part due to the fact that he is not willing to fight tooth and nail to adapt his game and improve himself. Rafa is here for that sole purpose. If Torres himself does not have that desire to improve then not even God would be able to help him. As a fan I contribute to his wages so I am more than entitled to my view on him just like you are. To say
  12. We all have our opinions to say someone should be banned for seeing Torres as a cancerous figure at the club shows how pathetic society is.. If your offended by that sort of comment then I highly suggest starting a new forum for people of a easily insulted nature. I see Torres as such within our club. His attitude and his role, not of his choice, is what led to RDM going and FSW coming in. FSW was bought in, without any question of a doubt, to get Torres firing... Even he has failed. His attitude is not that of a hungry players who wants to do fight tooth and nail to find his form. I have sa
  13. As said why the f**k are you getting upset with someone calling him a ladyboy or Alice.. Who gives a f**k. Torres is sh*t it's that simple. He has lost his ability to get away from players in the first 2-3 yards which means he has to try and play his way into scoring which he is incapable of doing because he cannot play football. He is finished. I take no notice of the fact he has scored 14 goals simply because he goes missing for the majority of those games only to score simple goals when put on a plate. His all round play is awful. He cannot control a ball, his movement is non existent
  14. On this point. I have seen a very high number of through balls which have been played into Torres' run where, the old Torres would have run on and the end product would have been a goal, his awful touch or his inability to sprint has meant he f**ks up by losing the ball. He is the single reason as to why so much emphasis is on Hazard, Oscar and Mata to get goals and create. They have created so many chances for this lazy c**t and nigh on every single time the play breaks down around him. He reminds me a bit of Berbatov and his attitude except for me Berbatov has the ability to turn on whe
  15. People actually believe Torreswill be dropped in favour of Ba? RDM was sacked because of Torres and his disgusting attitude!!! We got rid of Didier to give him the # 1 striker tag and he has done f**k all. He does everything a striker shouldn't do - cant score important goals, can't link up play and can't f**king pass. He will play and Ba will be deployed out wide!! The sooner Torres and FSW are gone our club will be better!
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