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  1. Tancredi Palmeri ‏@tancredipalmeri1m Chelsea has contacted both Roma and De Rossi's entourage to check his availability. De Rossi will at least consider the option Tancredi is killing me, slowly but surely..
  2. Both have failed in striking partnerships. Ba starts, along with the 3 amigos..
  3. It wouldn't surprise me to see him move to Spain and see him do reasonably well.Look at Forlan.. From wiki Don't shoot me if they're wrong! 10 goals in 63 for Utd. 96 in 134 for A.Madrid I don't think you could, but it's not like Torres missing easy chances are anything new. hats the difference between what we thought we got, and what we actually got. The same difference between him and any top striker, the ability to score anything put in front of them.
  4. Not quite sure why this thread is still running. Torres has been crap since his £50M move. He's had no end of excuses (service, competition). Nothing has worked. Nothing will work. He needs to be sold. Don't let his erratic form convince you, he's finished as a footballer for his remainder of his time at Chelsea, he needs to be moved on..
  5. Big strong Cb. Wouldn't mind him. I do think he turned us down before though?
  6. Some of his best performances came from Rw. It allows him to be cut inside onto his left. I honestly think Oscar should be Central, with Mata wide anyways. If I remember correctly, the best of his stastisics came from the right, not centrally.
  7. Poor old 'Arry doesn't have a clue, and wherever he came across those stats well... Excluding CWC and such competitions along with internationals Torres has 16 goals in 48 games. Rooney has 16 in 30. Many of which were not in the number 9 role..
  8. The problem, is that we are too rigid at the back. We need to drop Mata back there to play balls over the top to Torres.
  9. If he does, I seriously doubt we'll make any big signings. You can't afford two strikers on above 200K p/w. Not to mention Terry and Cole on substantial wages. I would think Hazard is earning a pretty penny too.
  10. He was definately worth having a look at. He'll never be the most prolific striker in the world, but his versatility and link-up is great and would have suited our style well. Able to drop back to CAM and play a ball through while giving a legitimate threat going forward. Only 23 too. 12 goals in 24 games is nothing to be sniffed at.
  11. He's the only player that could challenge Mata for Chelsea POTY this year. Nice thought that our best players are 22 and 24! What will both of them be like in their prime if they stay injury free. He's got a good record in his first season, hopefully, as with Mata it'll explode next year and we'll see a better return. Would be nice to see him take a few more shots on too, we all know he's got pure quality with both feet as we've seen with some of the goals he's scored for both us and Lille..Makes everything look so easy and always has time on the ball.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=3pIQCPqmyOY Looks like they got the wrong waiter for their ad. But hey, maybe he could stick to making adverts?
  13. Ahh yes sorry, misread your post. Don't think we're all that interested in it. Back to the Champions league next year I hope.
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