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  1. He should go back to Liverpool. I honestly believe that's where he belongs. He's never scored as prolifically anywhere else, not even Atletico.
  2. I actually really rate Gerrard as a player, he is certainly one of the best players there has been to never win a PL medal. He will never win one now, and that's a real pity for him. Had he not been threatened by gangsters etc and come to us, he would have at least two by now.
  3. He will still get shirt sales cos he has a worldwide legion of teenage girls (and boys) who fancy him.
  4. He probably earns more in a week than I would in 20 years, actually. I only make 14k a year.
  5. Hahaha he scored on his debut! You have to laugh. Good luck to him. Close thread.
  6. To be fair, I don't think he has played yet. He was injured.
  7. Yep. My Dad wasn't too happy. But he is relieved it isn't Everton or United...
  8. I have family in Essex. Uncle got me into them when I was 14. My parents and most of my family here all support Liverpool.
  9. Sorry that happened to you. It's pretty typical for that to happen to a visitor and it unfortunately tars all of us scousers with the same brush. There are plenty of us what aren't dirty robbing b**tards, believe me.
  10. Of course. Why on earth would you think I wouldn't? I've been a Chelsea fan for 16 years.
  11. I'm a scouser but I will give you that. Our accent goes through ME so goodness knows how it sounds to other people. Still rather have it than a Brummie or manc one though.
  12. I get that he won the CL and FA Cup and Europa League, which is great stuff, and he was at the best club in the world winning them, BUT he CANNOT be serious when he says they were the best 4 years of his life. For real?? He must be on crack. On a personal footballing level his spell here was the WORST of his career. That wasn't our fault, but it's the truth.
  13. Liverpool isn't a s**thole. There are parts of it that aren't nice but you get those in every city. It's not the glamorous bright lights of New York or London or Milan but he made it sound so utterly worthless and disgusting by using that word I couldn't help but take offense.
  14. The dregs of Liverpool? Easy, mate. I resent that. I am a Chelsea fan but I am a scouser, born and bred, and this City is full of culture and beauty. So don't be so downright offensive.
  15. If he bangs in about 50 goals at Milan I can see Roman wanting him back, completely oblivious to the reality that for some p**ser of a reason! Torres operates better in red.
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