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  1. Don’t matter who we have up front they struggle to stick the ball in the net... However, this time we scored twice and VMR, for me ruined the game. 2-2 would have been the right result, for me. Man Utd. got the rub of the green, yet again. Injuries have cost us this year, definitely and continue to do so. i think Spuds at home may be a draw... Still have faith but we need a bit of luck too.
  2. With Kante as a starter in the PL we have won 5 drawn 3 lost 6 Without Kante we have won 7 drawn 1 lost 2. ————————————————————————————— These are the stats which confirms what I have been thinking for quite some time... Personally, Kante is no longer a starter for me and the stats seem to support this? Whether the positioning has been the reason or not Kante is no longer the world class player he once was.
  3. I thought so... I think we are a better team when Kante doesn’t start... 👍🏼
  4. I’m not sure what the stats. are but I feel we are a better team when Kante doesn’t start ???
  5. This may interest a few good folk on here... Hugh Hastings 1983-84 picture programme. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F153607524048
  6. Kepa... a complete f**king, selfish w**ker... He completely impacted the ambiance of the ‘feel good factor’ during the closing minutes of the game. **MUST** have affected the players... Luiz (who tried to remonstrate with Kepa) missed his penalty = unusual. TEAM spirit destroyed in the final huddle, just B4 the penalties. Compare with City = chalk and cheese. BIG WILLIE would have been the better option. Kepa lets a very soft penalty in... Dear oh dear...
  7. I thought big WILLIE for Kepa would have been an *excellent substitution* At such a vital time the shocking petulance of Kepa f**ks it up... This had an impact, and my really positive feeling about this game’s outcome dropped. And this must have effected the players.  what a w**ker...
  8. Sarriball... it’s over... There’s only one solution... JOHN TERRY MANAGER... At least things should stabilise...
  9. Needs to shake up the personnel... Hudson and Christensen should have started... Hudson is probably more determined to leave seeing that performance and feeling totally justified being overlooked, yet again... the new centre forward ain’t gonna make zero difference... DD he ain’t... Jose got himself the sack... playing the same players over and over again, ditto....
  10. Too true... Kennedy will be another who will come good if played to his strengths, etc.
  11. Relations between Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and key transfer negotiator Marina Granovskaia have become so strained that the pair have been communicating through a third party - former Blues keeper Carlo Cudicini. (Times - subscription required) there’s your problem... ??? Someone who has been promoted into a critical role who maybe hasn’t the respect of the coach?
  12. Hmmm... not sure about this one... not really an upgrade on what we already have... a fitter, slimmer Zouma perhaps? almost 40 million too...
  13. Lack of squad rotation may bite us in the bum... ??? ... Bats, Chalobah, etc. should be integrated. Kurt, Matic, Costa, Asmir ... bang average or no longer good enough...
  14. Struggling... needs to rediscover his accuracy and eye for goal soon.
  15. Hopefully, the wake up call ? because if he keeps picking this identical team every single week then this is going just one way ... the Jose way ... And it will all end in tears ... ivan needs to be dropped. Oscar, William, etc. should not be guaranteed automatic choices if their form dips ...
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