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  1. Massive reality check... And we should have lost by more... maybe 5-1... followed by a spurs dvd. Hopefully, we respond well.
  2. cfcblue

    Away support

    The best times for travelling were the late 70s and 80s... during the terrace years... Chelsea used to flood many grounds and our numbers were phenomenal, at times... It was easy to double up going through the turnstiles... so there were always more in the ground than the official gate. i would guesstimate that Chelsea took near to or 10,000 plus to the likes of Man City, Pompey, Brighton, Sunderland cup, Arsenal best ever!, Leeds away... I’m confident that our turnouts at virtually all the Midlands clubs, at times were as good as it got. We had v. impressive numbers at Man Utd, Liverpool, Newcastle and the likes, at times. And we often flooded little grounds... Luton, Cambridge, Palace, Fulham, Charlton, etc. I’m confident that during those years we took more away 95% of the time than was ever reciprocated back at the Bridge. West Ham, Liverpool, Man Utd, Spurs, Arsenal after they won the FA cup had good turn outs back at the Bridge. i honestly think that we underestimate the numbers because the official attendances never seemed to reflect the actual numbers in the grounds, at times...
  3. 1-1... is my prediction for this one.
  4. cfcblue

    RIP Ray Wilkins

    Second King of Stamford Bridge, after Ossie... Used to love watching him from the Shed. wonderful times and memories. RIP... a Chelsea Legend.
  5. Chelsea’s recent transfer policy is to buy a crock (injured player) on the cheap... take a chance... and fingers firmly crossed... More of the same to come...
  6. Prediction? I have absolutely no idea... we could as easily lose as win 3-0? I suspect the team will just be going through the motions now... Plus, I’m not to concerned about the dreaded Europa League place. Because I think Arsenal will catch us up in the next few weeks anyway...
  7. We nicked a fairly even game. Thought Cabellero was excellent in goal and should be first choice going forward... Really calm and assured.
  8. I thought we would get comfortably beaten at Barca... and a 0-3 score line suggests we were. can’t see things changing for the better here? a 0-2 or 1-2 defeat is my prediction.
  9. This game had an air of inevitability about it as soon as the Team sheet was announced. 1-0 defeat flattered us, TBH. I think we will draw at home to Palace. Be easily beaten at Barca. And lose at Leicester away 2-0 in the cup. Then Conte will be sacked... hope i’m wrong but can’t see things improving, at this time?
  10. A comfortable home win for both City and Barcelona away... 1-3... 0-3...
  11. Prediction = 0-0 or 1-1. i think we will do well. i can see Cahill being picked for this one, by Conte?
  12. A good performance. should have won. Can we do it again, at theirs? Not so sure, this time around...
  13. cfcblue

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Too true... Kennedy will be another who will come good if played to his strengths, etc.
  14. Antonio has fallen into exactly the same trap as Jose... sticking to the same failed formation and team, regardless. it’s such a shame to see because I like Antonio but it’s clearly over... Managing football teams ain’t rocket science. if players are out of form do try others... if u get hammered at home to Bournemouth don’t do the exact same thing next game. i thought we’d loose 3-0... the board haven’t helped, at all. The transfer policy of buying crocks, on the cheap is simply ridiculous. but both Jose and Antonio have failed dramatically in using the whole squad, incorporating a few keen youngsters, etc. Jose especially, forced away our future Crown Jewels... in fact, both have driven away future talent. sad to see...
  15. cfcblue

    Conte In? Or Conte Out?

    Bang on... And we have seen this all before with Jose...