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  1. kellzfresh

    Cuadrado - Chelsea's #23

    I understand that you mean the right winger has to be a little more defensive than hazard to give him more attacking freedom. But what I was implying was that Mourinho never rotates and someone like cuadrado who came from a slow Italian league needs 3 straight starts to get used to the pace of the epl and the lack of space in the epl.
  2. kellzfresh

    Cuadrado - Chelsea's #23

    I apologize to KDB, Salah, and Mata for criticizing them. The reason why our right wingers look so terrible is because they play 10 mins once every 3 matches. Impossible to be hazard with that type of game time.
  3. kellzfresh


    Willian is the type of player hazard is, dribbles with speed and creates a huge amount of chances. His dribbling ability is at hazards level and he will provide another threat on the right wing so that teams cant double mark hazard anymore. He will prove a lot of doubters wrong this season
  4. kellzfresh

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Spot on davey :clap: maybe he is too proud to realise he is playing terrible and try to get better. The boo's may be exactly what he needs to realise not everyone is satisfied with his peformance.
  5. kellzfresh

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    Torres deserves every criticism period. No one has any right to criticize any of the fans who pay to go out there and support our chelsea and see bullsh*t from torres almost all the time. The board seem to want to make torres score at the cost of our team, if booing him finally make them stop playing torres and we start winning why not?? Torres lovers can go and suck his d**k for all i care, he doesnt play like he gives a f**k about this club.
  6. kellzfresh

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    The people supporting torres are ridiculous. Its because of this guys poor peformance that our beloved dimatteo is gone, he went on a goal drought for 11 matches and we couldnt win in 8 matches. Because of his poor peformance against westbrom, dimatteo was forced to play juventus without him and that backfired. Open your eyes and confirm whether you are supporting chelsea fc or torres fc!!
  7. kellzfresh

    Torres - The "Groundhog Day" Thread

    According to Opta, Torres had 19 touches in all his 81 minutes of football. Thats our no 1 striker, perfect at hide and seek