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  1. It wasnt even Begovic, it was Jose signing a new contract. Beasley says no Pogba, no Griezmann. Although he's a massive knob, he has inside info directly from Mourinhos mouth. We wont be signing Pogba or Griezmann
  2. He was brilliant, apart from twice when he turned his back while jockeying the attacker. School boy defending. If he can eliminate this he'll be immense
  3. Football teams don't adhere to bank holidays, Jose said the team was training on Monday
  4. https://twitter.com/GuillemBalague/status/504035710803136513 Gollum Bollock has spoken
  5. He's not going to want to leave because nobody can afford his massive wages and it looks like he's unwilling to take a paycut, but also, i can only think of one set of fans, Atletico Madrid, who would be happy to have him at their club. He knows if he goes anywhere except AM that the fans will be dead against. Nobody wants to go somewhere where they arent wanted. He's got it pretty cushty here, Chelsea fans have been very decent to him considering the performances he's put in
  6. http://gianlucadimarzio.com/en/calciomercato/milan-contacted-torres-agent-the-request-of-the-player/
  7. Jose Mourinho - "Fernando Torres Is Going Nowhere. I Need Three Strikers"
  8. Its funny how you don't appreciate players who play for other teams. I was thought Fabregas was good and not great, but watching him in pre-season he looks immense. I think we wouldve scored alot more goals last season with the same strikers and Cesc in the team. I think he's going to be our best player this season
  9. “Mata will be here after the transfer window closes”
  10. Dont stop there, why don't we just go completely mental and appoint Rafa Benitez as our manager lol. Oh god...........what did we do
  11. http://www.squawka.com/news/fabregasmatic/118779
  12. 50% sell on clause? Cant see that at all
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