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Chelsea - the defining club of this generation


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I thought I would start a thread that doesn't talk involve predicting our starting lineup or something similar just to mix things up a bit.


I have been having thoughts on this particular topic for a few days now and I believe I have gotten to the stage where I have a strong enough argument in my head to get my words down onto paper and see if this rather controversial argument I'm about to lay out is agreed upon by others.




I started supporting Chelsea during the early 90's back when I was a young un and Dennis Wise was my absolute idol. In the first few seasons I watched I think we finished 11th in the league twice, never could I begin to imagine that I was supporting a team that would become in my opinion the defining club of the current generation, a pioneer in the world of football. A club that in less than twenty years time would have thousands of fans scattered across the corners of the globe.


Those not of a Chelsea persuasion will no doubt be scoffing at the arrogance and crap they believe me to be spouting at this stage, probably having ridiculed the title of the thread before even caring to read what I have to say. The reason I believe us to be the club that has defined football as we know it is down to one man - Roman Abromavich.


Now spending money in football to bring success is nothing new. In English football we have seen it time and time again. Liverpool, Blackburn, Leeds to name a few. Manchester United have continually spent big during Fergie's tenure but never had the game seen these billions of pounds enter the game in the fashion that Roman bought them and no other club has impacted the landscape of football in such a fashion.


It was ten years ago now that Roman first started emptying his pockets into the Stamford Bridge coffers and just think of how different the worlds game looks now. Yes many of the traditional giants are still at the top table; Manchester United, Barca, Madrid, Bayern, Juve. However now in that list you add names like Manchester City, PSG, Anzhi, soon Monaco. Clubs where the foundations and pathway for success through money were laid by none other than Chelsea football club.


I for one constantly point out the difference to those less informed than me that we were under a very different set of circumstances than a club like Manchester City when they were taken over. We were a club in the CL with a very talented set of of players already in place, not one that two seasons prior had been battling relegation led by none other than Joey Barton. However there is no doubt that the blueprint of what they looked to accomplish was one set out by our special club.


Football purists may look at my argument and point to a club defining a generation by what they accomplish on the field, a club such as Barcelona which swept all before them with their style of football, led by arguably the greatest player to ever grace the game. But to that I say great teams always come and go. The old Brazilian teams or Liverpool and Milan through the 80's and early 90's all had their moment in the sun and now it looks like Barcelona's cycle has run its course and could well have come to an end (that is not to say they won't continue to win silverware just that their period of dominance when they stood head and shoulders above the rest of the footballing world is behind them).


However Chelsea football club, whilst continually winning silverware and competing at the top may not have had a team of such a stature, the club itself has changed the course of football like no other team. We have pioneered a route that is becoming increasingly well trodden and we have defined this era of football like no other club has been able to do!


A special club, an era that has bought unprecedented success and with Jose back where he belongs hopefully much more to come!



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great post.

Ive been chelsea fan since 96, after a tug of war between my mum and dad, (mum being liverpool, dad chelsea). I always felt like I was chelsea, but it was difficult growing up in Merseyside and being surrounded by Liverpool, everton, and united fans.

The defining moment for me was the 4-2 fa cup comeback win, and ever since that game ive been chelsea loud and proud amongst a sea of red (false) hope.

I also could have never imagined what would follow in coming years. It has been one hell of ride, and roman abramovic has changed the face of football.

The suspicious G 14 group would probably still be around and dictating uefa policies ,if it wasn't for chelsea challenging the order.

Chelsea the brand are a powerful force and I was overwhelmed when I could hear the locals in our asian tour songing 'chelsea, chelsea, chelsea. chelsea, chelsea, chelsea.'

says it all really about just how far we as club have come. Here's to another 10 years roman.

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