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  1. hazard is best player in the league and fast making an argument for third best player on the planet. His consistency is amazing and the way he influences the play is quite spectacular for a player his age. We are very blessed to have him in our team and long may it continue. That second goal is the best goal I've seen this league season
  2. Think this is a great signing on our part. Think it may be best for him if he did what KDB did and goes on loan for next season elsewhere, espically with the WC coming up he will need to be a first team regular to break into the dutch squad.
  3. A column i frequently read on skysports talking about the lower leagues discussed Chalobah today. This is what they had to say: However, Watford's Nathanial Chalobah, who can play at centre-half or centre-midfield is someone I would put in the England squad now. He is elegant, athletic and has a great temperament, while he has also excelled at all international age groups he has represented; he reminds me of a young Yaya Toure in that he can influence a game from any position. He is THE outstanding talent in English football and could POSSIBLY replace Frank Lampard in the Chelsea's engine
  4. Miss you Robbie

  5. Torres just went from 6 to midnight with this announcement.
  6. He would be very short term though wouldn't he and Udinese won't be letting him go on the cheap despite his age. Personally if we don't go for Falcoa I think Huntelaar would be the best option. The man is a born finisher and because of his contract status would be relatively cheap.
  7. Before I start this rant I want to make it clear that im very pro-nando, have been throughout his time here even through his huge droughts last season. However I was watching a video on youtube of his top 10 goals at liverpool the other day, may have even just been from one season and the thing I noticed with all of them was that he was taking plenty of touches, sometimes absolutely magical ones from when he was getting the ball to putting it in the back of the net. Now people are saying that hopefully fernando is on his way back to his best now and scoring goals but his 6 goals that he has
  8. He is joking... Was a nice header by nando today. Have only seen the highlights of the match, and by highlights I mean the goals but we looked sharp. Mata looked like he played fantastic and even if nando did miss a few chances he got on the scoresheet and had a very slick assist as well. Here's hoping he sticks some in against arsenal
  9. Actually he got the equaliser against Barca and we were already going through at that stage, not that im taking anything away from it, one of my favourite chelsea goals of all time. Saying that I am still very pro Nando, and I think we have seen enough from him this season and we have the players around him now to get a very decent goal tally out of him. Despite his petulance against QPR he gives his absolute all for the club and seems desperate to try and prove himself.If the worse comes the worse January will come by and he wont have fired and no doubt Roman will dig deep into his pockets b
  10. Levy would try jack us for the price regardless of age, quality or contract status. Hope we learnt our lesson from last season, just never, ever deal with spurs
  11. Had he stayed in France and developed there in the way that Hazard did I think he could be a great talent now, its a shame after all he went through that he couldn't make the cut
  12. I do also like presspass, thats where i go to watch people give their opinons, i wasnt criticising that at all however when those guys are commentating they spout nonsense and dont do the role that the commentator is there for. Steve Nicol is absolutely delusional, wouldnt shut up for a week that carrols non goal in the fa cup final was over the line despite the conclusive evidence that it quite clearly was not. Hislop is very hit and miss, has some dreadful opinions
  13. Not really the appropriate thread for this but going to have a wee rant about it all the same. The problem with commentary, and espicially commentators like Tommy Smyth and Shaka Hislop is that they are always giving their opinions during matches and they have very strong opinions on certain matters. In my eyes the job of the commentator is to discuss what is going on in the match and make observations on that as well state a few interesting facts, not sit there and talk nonsense for 90minutes. Some of the ESPN commentary during our CL run was so bad that I turned the tv onto mute
  14. Was it Tommy Smyth? If so I wouldn't read too much into him, he was never even really a fan of torres when he was scoring for fun at liverpool and has slagged him off the whole way through the season. Completely agree with the sentiments shared by Davey, With Hulk in the squad to act as third choice front man we do not need another striker, their are other areas of the squad that we need to focus on far more, starting with right back if rumours are to be believed and we are about to lose both bosingwa and Paulo
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