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  1. Like most my initial feeling is "never going to happen" That said... Crazier things have happened at Chelsea (like hiring back a second time for example!), and as stated by a few, if we are going to go through a complete REBUILD of the squad, then why not!! Him and Roman would need to go on a long weekend somewhere to resolve their issues and the backroom staff would need a reshuffle,. but it COULD be possible. Jose = Manager Drogba = Assistant JT = Player/Coach Eva = Team Doctor Hehehe, That would be EPIC!
  2. Such a HUGE loss (in more ways that one!) Really enjoy watching him develop... Hope he gets back up and running soon! Wishing him and his family the best for the challenges ahead...
  3. Chelsea ready to make stunning move for £63.9m Arsenal and Man Utd target Gonzalo Higuain http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/459640/Chelsea-transfer-news-Gonzalo-Higuain-move-Arsenal-Man-Utd-interest
  4. LMAO! Something to smile about for once, about FT!
  5. Sure it would be if we put him up front, but i don't beleive that will e his role! The man is charismatic and still bleeds Blue! He will enthuse confidence in the NEW striking force for next season... If he can get a game or two, why the hell not!? We have a 'good' history of player/coaches dont we: Hoddle, Vialli, Gullit Dont get me wrong the old guard is getting old! No doubt about it but we need to, dare ii say it, transition smoothly... I for one dont know which of the old guard will be with us next year, i hope for at least 3! But we need to teach the new blood, what it takes and what it means to bleed Blue! (...i know, a lot of blood analogies...my bad!) ... Just having him on the bench will scare some defenders sh*tless! Or at least bring back some bad memories which will hopefully destabilize them! We do! but smoothly... Not all at once, and let them be part of the Club one way or the other...
  6. What a player he is and a legend he will become for the Blues! His first hat-trick - let there be many more to come http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=0qWkwA0qFDw
  7. EPIC!!Goose bumps, chills, smiles even some tears!! Thank you for sharing! #KTBFFH!!! ...loved Drogs 2 step pen... Cant wait to see him back at the Bridge!! .. hang on...can I?!

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