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I know this has probably been done to death already. But can someone please explain how Chelsea have just squeaked past Liverpool in the first leg, with the tie remaining "finely balanced". While Manchester have the same goal difference, are going to play in a much more intimidating venue, and most importantly, have conceded TWO away goals, yet they're still favourites to go through. I'm absolutely flabbergasted by the media consensus giving United the advantage to go through.

It's too simple to say "the media hates us" for an explanation. Having read all the major newspaper match reports v L'pool it seems as if maybe we didn't win afterall? It can't be a journo conspiracy of sorts as the match reports are largely written as the game progresses. The best I can conclude is maybe the sports hacks are so deluded with their opinions of Chelsea they fail to see anything other than "long ball merchant" or "lucky late goals". My question is this: Chelsea have been winning in all forms of play for three years now, when does it become not lucky, but "good", or "incisive" rather than hoofing?


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firstly, I don't necessarily think the san siro will be any more or less intimidating than anfield. both will bw comparable I think.

but it's not really anything to do with chelsea IMO. the english press know about liverpool and could never get away with dismissing them as they have done with milan- that's pretty much it. these journalists... a lot of them don't really know what they're talking about. no mass conspiracy, no binding together... just a lack of understanding.

I don't mind andy gray, there are a few problems with him (north v south, gerrard rooney and henry etc) but I was pretty surprised to read his opinion on milan- united next week:


Not only will United get a result in Italy next week, they will beat Milan in their own backyard. I think they've got the Italians running scared - they're not a great team and they know it.

Sure, Kaka is brilliant but go through the team - the keeper is dodgy and the back four is creaking and should hold no fear for United's forwards. Anything else to be scared of? Pirlo? No. Seedorf? No. Ambrosini? No. Gilardino? Definitely not. "

to dismiss milan as ordinary... they aren't as good as they were 3 years ago, sure, but no side with maldini, nesta, gattuso, pirlo and seedorf could ever be ordinary. the bulk of the side that beat united quite easily home and away not long ago is still there. would andy gray or any english pundit describe scholes, neville and giggs as creaking? not on your life. united might well go through, but it's highly unlikely to be easy. they got back into the game after gattuso and maldini had gone off and got a lead in part due to the great push the old trafford crowd gave at the start- (and partly of couse due to dida being rubbish)... that won't be there in milan, and so a fast start will be more difficult.

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