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102 points or more for members


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From the Chelsea Website

Additionally 500 tickets have been allocated to members who have 102 loyalty points or more, these will also be on sale on the Monday & Tuesday.

There you go Bluenut - you would have had to have been to every game apart from one FA Cup game or one Champions league game to get 102 as the maximum is 107

They would have spent a minimum if in the cheapest tickets approx

to up to

160 on cup games+ OT

855 on league games

360 on Champions League Games

Making a minimum total of ?1375 - twice the price of the season ticket for the chance of maybe getting 1 final ticket - good marketing and I work for a marketing/advertsing company specialising in loyalty.

These are obviously the ones who will get a st next year so good on them for that

In the old days a waiting list would suffice - no sorry - until we won the league anyone could just apply and get one- my friends gave theirs up for 2 seasons and were lucky to reapply and get one in the year we won the league - and they got away ST's aswell

Now all these die hards appear - why because we are winning - utter load of b*******

JCL spring to mind

You could replace Chelsea FC with a company that " every little helps" - the true extent of commercialised football

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The thing is that if they have attended almost all games then fair enough!

On the flip side, whats to stop someone buying a home season ticket, cherry picking the games they want to go to and selling the rest to friends or on viagogo!

Or what to stops a tout becoming a member, buying tickets for every game they can get their hands on, then selling them outside the ground, making a huge profit, and getting maximum loyalty points?

It's a tricky one, but I still think ST's should have priority, as they always used to.

10 / 10 to Kenyon on his marketing job, just goes to show what he really cares about. We are not fans or people, just walking ?? pound ??? notes ?? to him!!

He has created a huge demand for a limited supply, I'm certain our ST prices would have been hiked this year if it wasn't for the media!

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I agree with Pudge that a lot of these members will have attended a lot of games - but I'm a season ticket holder who has also attended all home Champions League, FA Cup and Carling Cup games (plus the pre-season Celtic friendly).

So I do feel a little aggreived at having to take my chances with season ticket holders who may not have shown quite so much loyalty in terms of attendance.

I thought they should have used Season ticket holder loyalty points too - we do get them. I have a 196!

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The thing that stops people getting season tickets and cherry picking games is that we don't sell out every game. Lots of smaller games are very easy to get tickets for online. You'd have to have pretty thick friends to want to pay you full price for only the "small games".

That said there are plenty of season ticket holders who cherry pick games and don't care if they waste their ticket for the others. Used to be 4 sitting near me who often didn't turn up - that's ?200 wasted just like that.

Alright for some!

PS - what can you actually do with the loyalty points (apart from collect them) can they be spent?

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