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John Terry on Inside Sport

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Tomorrow (Sunday May 6th) at 12:30pm on BBC2:

Gabby Logan hosts a weekly sports show featuring interviews with stars from across the world. In this edition, England captain John Terry talks about life on and off the football field.
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Well. I've just watched the interview with JT. Interesting, but no major revelations. Nice to see him going down North End Road and past Fulham Broadway Station though.

However, after the interview, a couple of journalists again managed to put 2 and 2 together to make 22. Apparently one of them had a phone call from an associate in Germany to the effect that Roman has fallen out of love with the club and is set to sell up for ?500million. This of course was given weight in their eyes by the fact that Roman wasn't at Anfield on Tuesday. You saw it here first.

Big breaking story? Who knows. Once the media have got their dirty little teeth into it, it's unlikely to go away. My guess is that this can safely be moved to the rumours section. Or ignored completely along with 99% of the rest of the drivel spouted by the press.

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JT talked a lot about the court case, how he was just sticking up for his mate when the bouncers steamed in, that his father brought him up to fight back when someone takes a swing at you, and how he would do the same again.

About Jose, what a great tactitian he is, how he's always there for anyone to talk their problems over, that all in all Jose is a great man,and a great man manager.

About the England captaincy, how surprised he was when he got the call from McLarenl how it's such a great honour, that David Beckham and Steven Gerrard have been a great help.

No mention of JT's management ambitions during the interview itself.

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