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Real Madrid TV ...

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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... is still free to air/free to view on satellite. And me being too skint to afford a Sky subscription, let alone Chelsea TV, just happens to have a satellite box.

So rather than spend an hour or ten finding out for myself, my couple of questions are:

1. Does anyone watch it?

2. Is it worth watching.

Just a thought. As a few people here have already pointed out, it could be a long summer.

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I used to get it back home and its not that bad TBH. Obviously, they are as Madrid biased as you can get but some shows like Extra Time(I think) give you a good insight into what is happening in La Liga and yes, the presenters on RM TV aren't bad at all. Bender was the worst of the lot I thought. 169.gif

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