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Finally it looks like we may have a break through with regards to terracing at football grounds in the prem and championship. Apparently mp's are voting for up to 20% of football stadiums to return to standing area's. This hopefully will bring back many of the fans priced out of games in all seater stadiums and increase capacities and atmospheres all over the country.

I and many others on this site have been calling for a return to terracing for a long time, hopefully it might now happen.Can you imagine ripping out the seats of the MH lower tear, instead of 5,000 people sitting you could have 15,000 people standing at an affordable price making 10 times the noise. 128.gif

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But everyknows that Scousers are innocent.

It wasn't Scousers nicking tickets in Athens - it was Chelsea fans

It wasn't their fault they went to Athens without tickets, it was Uefa's for not giving them enough.

And it was Uefa who forced them to forge all those tickets

And it was Chelsea's fault they tried to reuse old tickets.

And it was the old bill's fault

And it was the stewards fault

And it wasn't their fault they had to rush the gates. That was down to the old bill, the stewards AND Uefa. And the ground wasn't good enough. And it was Chelsea fans again. Because Chelsea fans ain't got no istree.

Yes we all know that don't we.

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They are the best fans in the world though icon_rolleyes.gif They even have the front to turn round and say the people who rushed the gates were'nt real LFC fans, lets blame everyone but ourselves. Had many a row with Redrob about Hillsborough and Heysel and he refused to blame those scum bag scousers. How many old bill lost there jobs through Hillsborough? I'm sure the police set out that fateful day with the intention of rounding up as many scousers as possible and packing them into the ground.

Instead of learning from HISTORY they blamed everyone else and ha-ho its happens again at Stamford Bridge and in Greece, and once again they are getting away with it and blaming others, w**k2.gif

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Great points guys.

The thing is Germany has shown that this is do-able, and we are not all feral hyenas like the Scallys.

If they do not like it, great, they do not have to have it. the rest of us can have it.

I miss the noise at the old Bridge. icon_cool.gif

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