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Pizarro's in, still waiting on Alex

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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He looks and sounds impressive from the presentation and in the match tonight considered the short time he had on the pitch with a new team he looks fine. In fact I've more hope of Pizarro after watching him for 5 minutes than I have of watching Sheva for all of our pre-season.

Now where the hell is Alex? He should surely be with the squad by now!

He can't surely still be on holiday, what about his pre-season with Chelsea?

Considering our defence last night, we need all the help we can get.

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It's not Alex's absence that worries me since he's technically not our player yet it's the fact that we still haven't heard anything new on him getting a work permit.

New manc Anderson has got one and Lucas from Gremio has been cleared for Liverpool.

Why is it taking so long ?

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Guest Brian M

I loved reading JM's quotes about Geremi and his importance to the 'Chelsea family' when he was handing over his shirt to Pizarro.

Always liked Geremi. Great squad player. Great for the young African lads. Always up to a good standard when he was called upon to play. Never complained when he wasn't. Wish him only the best.

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