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Chelsea hobbled this season in Premiership?


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As with most of my topics, this comes from a few drinkies with mates in a pub... icon_rolleyes.gif

CAN Chelsea actually regain the Premiership this season?

Yes I think we can claim the Cups if we put our minds to it, and the CL is very achieveable I think.

But it does seem that we are going to be hobbled at keys points of the season.

1. We currently (according to Jose) have 12 fit players out of a squad of 23.

Therefore many of our star names are either going to miss vital early games or are going to do a Lampard and play on through the pain but be largely anon. stretcher.gif

2. We are likely to be the hardest hit when players depart for the African Nations Cup in January. Essentially for the thivk end of two months we will be without DROGBA, ESSIEN, KALOU and MIKEL. That would equate in normal circumstances to a huge injury crisis to lose such influencial players all at once at such a key stage of the season. bs_help.gif

3. With the injuries and African departures we will really struggle to hold a steady and balanced team. I am not saying it willl be like the days of Ranieri with multiple changes all the time, but we will certainly have fewer 'unchanged' line-ups this season. 300.gif

4. Our signings last year struggled to settle in. Not only do these STILL need to properly settle in (yes Sheva and Ballack ballack.gif that means you) but we now have 5 NEW guys to settle in... Ben Haim, Alex, Malouda, Sidwell and Pizarro.

5. Man Ure and (dare I say) Scallypool Animation2.gif have greatly enhanced their squads. They have signed players that frankly I would have liked to see at the Bridge. So they are substantially better than last season. Are we sooo much better?

Hey maybe it is just the time of the season. Being a long time Chelsea fan I am used to feeling pesimistic at this time of the season.

Maybe I read the augars wrong. Maybe cats entrails are not the best way to divine the future and I should switch to good ol' fashioned tea leaves.

Maybe I should adopt the policy of some and just blindly accept that Jose can overcome all. 128.gif

But as I say, while I think we stand a great chance in the cups, I fear the Prem will now be beyond us!


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B**l s**t, I`m sorry!

Very short notes:

Injuries should past.

ANC is nothing too special, not a news. (We know about it 2 years ago)

We have a great squad.

We have a great coach.

Not playing now, our players should keep their fitness and hunger till vital matches in spring. (What a s**t 259.gif )

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It's going to be tough, that's for sure, given most teams play for the draw against us, and we are missing some serious fire power up front.

We are, however, simply going to have to suck it up, as we absolutely cannot allow Manure or anyone else to build a lead early doors, so despite all the injuries, we HAVE to start the season well. Chasing Manure for most of last season put a huge amount of pressure on us every game, and I don't think we can do that again, particularly if we continue to have the bad luck with injuries.

I also hope the Robben situation gets resolved either way in the next few days, as losing one of our best attacking threats (when fit) at such a late stage is going to be a blow, and we have to get someone (Alves) in and up to speed pretty damn quickly. Quite frankly I'm pretty fed up with him and the whole saga, so talent though he may be, if his hearts not blue, he can f*ck off and we'll find someone with a JT/Essien/Drogs/SWP mindset, who is prepared to fight for his place and his club.

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Don't hold back, Sergey. Tell him what you really feel! BoXIng.gif

That`s very best of me.

Boxing never was my strong side icon_wink.gif

P.S. No, I really think it`s alright, everything is going in a right way and it gonna be alright.

Even missing now half of a squad we`re very strong.

I can repeat , I`m especially happy with Ashley and Florent!!!

I wonder why JM have said "Only Pizarro is here to add something special, other signings are just protection......" icon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gificon_rolleyes.gif

How can he said it about Florent? icon_twisted.gif

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We have some injuries on some vital players but we won't suffer from it as much as last season. Drogba boing injured is bad because we have had some bad experience with Sheva and we can't really tell how good or bad Pizarro will be. We can always use Cole or Robben up front but it's not really the same thing.

As for the ANC (please tell me I got it right this time) we will lose some good players but I don't think it will make us stumble and fall.

But as far as I can tell we will have to be without Drogba and the others against Birmingham, Reading, Portsmouth and Liverpool. That is if the players reach the final.

Apart from the game against Liverpool we shouldn't need to worry too much.

Let's just hope that the player who will play instead of Drogba and the others can do a good job.

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We'll lose more player's or vital players than the 'other big 3' during the ANC and could also lose Robben around the same time Manu eventually get Tevez, this will effect both clubs, one more positively than the other!

As for whoever said injuries will get better, how do they know? they might get worse, just look at last season!

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