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Desailly match back on


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In defence of the club and to save a legend like Marcel and the Charity any embarrasment.

They should be looking to play this game during next pre-season.

Can you imagine the poor turn-out that game would get if it were played now?

Not because we dont care (we do) but there is so much football on at the moment,people just cant afford it.

Wait until pre-season after the Euro Championships in Austria/Swiss and play it then.

They really shouldn't be making such a mess of this!!

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Marcel is a legend, the club have stooped to new lows IMHO

Too busy arranging matches against Beckham FC to worry about a game that should have been advertised properly in the first place and played in preseason at the bridge while our lot were doing keepie-uppy's on Rodeo drive!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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