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England vs Russia

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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It fastly approaching......

And I can admit, as Russian representative, I was very pleased having heard your last squad news.

It`s a shame, that the first game in England, otherwise we could really capitalize on your current injuries.

Ok, they are, who can miss match against Us(Russia):


- John Terry (CD)

- Ledley King (CD)

- J.Woodgate (CD)

- G.Neville (RB)

- W.Bridge (LB) (Not crucial, while A.Cole is fit)

- A.Lennon (MID) (Back-up player)

- ROONEY!!!! (FC) (Your pace, creativity, flair and aggression - the last would be very useful against our slow defenders with poor decision and poor composure.

If Beckham and J.Cole should be added, excuse me, but I won`t cry.

But, anyway, I think game at Wembley looks like `mission impossible` for us!!!

Good luck, Englishmen!!!

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I can't exactly say I'm worried. My Chelsea to England care ratio could probably be likened to how I care for my dad, against a work colleague.

The former I always want the very best for, while the latter, I would like to see succeed, but I'm not going to fret about them.

I was thrilled when i heard Rooney got injured , i know it sounds awful but i really was. England simply doesnt come into it for me anymore.

Im happy we've got the Englands captain and i'll always want Lamps to score but simply because it'll shut all his current critics up. Joe, SWP anf Bridgey sure, best of luck guys.

But like many other people im sick and tired of England.

I think Russia has a great chance. If they keep the ball over the two games i can see them getting 4 points.

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I get your point, Bjd.

I can say international level is interests me, maybe because we have no such a domestic league you have.

And it`s great pleasure to see how our boys are playing together.

And I can say with Hiddink in charge we obviously are becoming better, maybe still slightly, but better.

Hiddink is great and of course level of pressure on him is much lower than for any domestic coach.(no need to explain why)

Our president of FA admitted there are no obstacles( icon_wink.gif ) to extend contract with Hiddink till 2010 and that`s good news too.

It seems the relation of the local majority here towards English team is determined by the name of McLaren...

Do you want just another domestic coach or glorious one like Lippi?

P.S. When JM`s chair was flexible I said Hiddink would stay anyway at Russia and somebody called me `Walter Smith` for that and I still don`t know why? And who is Walter Smith?

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Frankly it would be interesting to see Wright Phillips against our fast full back Anuykov, he`s little larger than SWP and little slower,

but it would be very difficult to find a defender in Russian who could (or maybe just trying to ) stop Joey..... violent069.gif

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