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We spent big bucks after all..


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..now that Alves is coming with reportedly around 22-25mil, Malouda was 13-16mil(?). So it makes it about 35-40mil.

OK, Robben is probably out to Real and it compensates Alves move, but still we were active in the transfer market unlike some people claim. We were not ManUre or Lstool but we didn't need to.

I have to say I'm really happy with all the transfers. I would like to keep Robben, but with Alex and now Alves coming in I'm content letting him go.

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Guest Brian M

I wouldn't have cared if we'd spent 100 million if it improved the team. But, let's be honest, we didn't need to, did we. Because the only positions we needed to sort out were central defence (2 players in for $1, thanks) right back (Alves by Saturday) and right wing. And Alves can play right wing, and SWP seems to be coming good. So that's the right side well sorted (think Joe Cole and Kalou there when they're needed, too).

Oh, and we had to have some cover up front for the African nations, and because Shev can only spell 'Goal' in Italian. And boy doesn't Mr Piz seems a terrific buy! One who may become a regular starter with Drogba at the expense of Shev. Much to the shock and awe of most - if not all - Chelsea fans.

We didn't really, truly rooly, need a left winger (except maybe as cover / competition for Mr. Glass). But, as luck would have it we not only bought one, but have ended up with a first choice left winger who will start ahead of Robben (if he stays) rather than a back-up! Talk about striking paydirt!

So, all in all, I think we may actually be the team who has got it right this summer. Who knew!

Early days yet, but - with or without Robben - the signs are certainly very promising for the season ahead. Both in the EPL and in Europe!

Of course I wouldn't have said no to a world class playmaker being drafted into midfield with some of the deadwood going the other way... icon_cool.gif

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We went from "not spending any money" to "final signing" with Malouda and now to "Alves for 22-25 mil icon_lol.gif

We were called cheap when we didn't spend anything and everyone went quite when we bought Malouda. I've got a feeling the words "buying the title" will be brought out once again as soon as Alves signs icon_rolleyes.gif

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