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Hey Mod, nice to hear from ya mate.

Anytime we go to the Bridge we always try get the Chelsea Hotel . Not always available at a decent rate but usually book it in advance .

After the Birmingham game we were allowed stand in reception , just where the players come out . We've been known to hang around like groupies if recent history is anything to go by so this time was no different . Marc stood around while i went upstairs for a beer , there was Clive Walker , Kerry Dixon , Bonetti , Chopper and my Camera . Pure luck really . Meeting Bonetti was like me being 8 years old again , one of the reasons i started following Chelsea was Bonetti . Osgood , Hudson , Hutchinson , Holins, etc so when i saw the man standing in reception 32 years later i thought , f**k me , theres the Cat . I approchaed him , he smiled , i put my hand out , he shook it , agreed to a photo and chatted for about 4 miniutes . The man was an absolute gem , made me feel at ease and came across as a lovely genuine person who is willing to give time to anybody . Brilliant man.

Clive Walker was ordering a drink beside me , usual senario , photo and brief chat , really top bloke . Dixon , well that was just luck . I think he was chatting to Chopper and Marc recognised him . again no big deal , we asked for a quick photo , Dixon made Marc feel a million pounds , while i stood with the camera.

J.T.was a dream for both of us . We thought most of the playes had gone , the security around the reception area moved , we were there , just the 2 of us ready to leave when Terry walks out . Heading in the opposite direction Marc yells J.T. ..

He turned around and came back , saw the 2 of us and agreed to pose for a photo with Marc . chatted to Marc , asked where he was from and made a 13 year old feel important . We have the photo enlarged , Marc still describes the moment , so do I .

Im not the type of individual who gets star struck , but meeting Bonetti , Dixon , Waker is an experience ive thought about since i was a kid following Chelsea .

Terry was a bonus .

Ive emailed Chelsea TV asking them to thank Terry for coming back to give time to Marc with a photo .

Great Day .

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