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Sam Hutchinson


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Hello again I'm back as Argyle are trying once againt to borrow one of your kids 128.gif This time it is a young man by the name of Sam Hutchinson, Ollie seems to think that he is in the same type of class as Scott I was wondering if any of you could once again help me on this subject. How good is he ? what position does he play ? are you going to need him for 1st team duties this season ?

cheers again from the man who supports the best in the south west Dave the green

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Yeah I seen that recently. Holloway certainly has high regards for him Hutchinson plays as a Centre back, or midfielder, and can play RB too. Holloway says he as is good as sinclair, as a player, but in different positions and has shown a lot of tools in his playing closet that seem to show signs of promise.

I certainly enjoyed seeing him come on against Evertone at the end of last season, where I think he played hte mid, but can't recall

I also see Holloway has said with us selling Arjen, you;ll be unlikely to get Sinclair back....bad news for you, but I hope this means we see more of Scotty i our side!

Cheers again Pilgrim

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