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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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The only manager not to pay any respect to Jose...even wenger, who jose had his fair share of bust-ups with, could admit Jose's abilities even though he clearly didn't like him...liverscum have spent the last few years complaining jose and chelsea has no class, well they have been exposed (once again) for the hypocrites they are.

http://www.sportinglife.com/football/ne ... MHD=soccer

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To prove my point about Scousers, this is a typical quote from TLW:

Originally Posted by Red Mist

Heh, I love Rafa's reaction to it all. Mourinho has been nothing but a c**t towards us and Rafa, good to see the gaffer not offering all this false praise like the other gimps have been doing.

Agreed, really respect Rafa for this. Would have made me sick to hear Rafa pay tribute to that complete tool.

And another charming little thread from the same site:

So which Chelsea players do we take?

As I was saying elsewhere about arrogant, stinking f**king hypocritical pretentiously obnoxious Scouse gits.

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