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Benitez talking sh*t again

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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"The answer is clear. Players with quality must be given better protection by officials.

Benitez added: "You need to protect key players. It is important that if you want to see better football you need to protect the players with quality then we'll see more goals and maybe people will be happier. "

While I can understand where he is coming from, pretty much what it comes down to is him saying some players should have preferential treatment over others, based on quality. Ok we had Mourinho who did go on sometimes, but at least it made some sense, Benitez on the other hand................. icon_confused.gif

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Trying to influence the ref Rafa? Putting pressure on him to swing decisions in your favour? Oh of course you don't do that do you, you only complain and claim others do it instead.

Fat Spanish waiter, you're just a fat Spanish waiter - waiting for the premiership title which you're never gonna win!!

Dream on you scouse c*nts!

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