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Jose Mourinho: Chelsea fans are soft


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JOSE MOURINHO made himself famous for shooting from the lip and appointing himself the Special One.

We thought the former Chelsea manager had finally gone quietly after he and the club went their separate ways last month.

But now the big-mouth has struck again, sensationally claiming that the team?s fans are soft.

In a new book Mourinho says: ?Most of the black community are fans of Arsenal, the Jewish community support Tottenham, in the most disadvantaged area of London they?re fans of West Ham, and Fulham are a small club but with a strong nucleus of fans.

?And then comes Chelsea, a cosmopolitan club, with fans famous around the world, like Bryan Adams, Claudia Schiffer and Chelsea, the daughter of former president Clinton.

?And there?s a common denominator among them all ? they?re foreigners, which fits in with the general profile of the fan of the club. Whoever is a foreigner and leads a life above the means of the average citizen is a fan of Chelsea because Chelsea have the most expensive tickets, the most expensive meals, their social life around the game is more important than that of other clubs.

?Because they have that spending power, the Chelsea fan is more ?society? and, of course, that?s reflected in the stadium, with the support they give the team.


?It?s the soft sort of fan who doesn?t get behind the team a lot, who don?t organise themselves into fan groups, with the cheering on that is characteristic of the image of English football

?They create a different atmosphere because a lot of our fans also go to the opera, the theatre, other types of shows that don?t lend themselves to lots of shouting. That?s the Chelsea fan.

That?s why Chelsea have some difficulty in asserting themselves as a great club of English football.?

The Portu-geezer?s comments, made to a journalist before he lost his manager?s job, were condemned last night.

And they are certain to outrage the hard-core of the Stamford Bridge crowd.

Malcolm Clarke, chairman of The Football Supporters? Federation, was shocked by the comments.

He said: ?I think they are a load of inappropriate stereotypes. Fans of all clubs tend to come from a complete cross-section of society. It is not helpful to label fans in that kind of way.?

When Mourinho left England he claimed: ?I know that I have a place in the history of Chelsea and for me I will always love the fans and they will always love me.?

That now seems less likely.

Chelsea legend and former hardman defender Ron ?Chopper? Harris said: ?Chelsea haven?t lost at home for three years, so the fans can?t be that bad.

?There are a lot of clubs with worse atmospheres than Stamford Bridge.

?I don?t think Chelsea are soft. They are a fantastic bunch of supporters. They deserve a pat on the back.

?They will be disappointed in his comments. If he had said this while he was still in charge, they wouldn?t have taken too kindly to it.?

David Johnstone, from Chelsea fanzine cfcuk.net said: ?I am totally shocked by what Mourinho has said. We always gave him 100 per cent support. We still give him it now.

?Chelsea have a lot of normal working-class supporters. They are not all opera lovers.?


Mourinho made the comments in new book Jose Mourinho ? Vencedor Nato (Born Winner) by a Portuguese writer.

He also says: ?The club has a fan profile which distinguishes it. He?s the London fan who comes from a middle-upper social area, a privileged class from a chic district of London.

?He?s the suit-and-tie fan, the executive fan, with economic power, almost the antithesis of the fan in England, if you like, of low social status, the fan who has difficulty with coping with ticket prices, the fan who has a long history of support for the club. So we?re not talking about West Ham or Arsenal.

?We?re talking about Fulham Road, Kings Road, the rich side of London, barely identified with the greater traditions of fans. A fan from a cosmopolitan district of big cars.

?Apart from that, a lot of our fans are foreigners, with completely different buying power and habits, and that?s noticeable in the stadium.

?It?s almost a cultural shock, between one set of fans more in the English style and another set, who are important and significant, of people who come from outside, with a different relationship with the club, more distant in the way they live it and in the way they behave in the stadium.?

He also took a pop at owner Roman Abramovich?s ambitions, adding: ?Chelsea are still not a big, traditional club. They?re not a club like Arsenal, who even have the British Queen as a fan.

?They?re not like Manchester United or Liverpool, who have left their mark on English and European football, or even Tottenham, who picked up a lot of fans with their fantastic team of the Eighties.?

No wonder Abramovich decided to let him go.

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/ne ... 326741.ece

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