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Apparantly the new SatNav systems can't find England anywhere in Europe...

... Did you hear? Steve McLaren went to a fancy dress party dressed as a pumpkin, he was hoping he'd turn into a coach.

Oxo are bringing out a new gravy cube, its going to have England written over it and be called 'laughing stock'

Gutted about not going through to the Euro's, but I heard them on Wednesday night about 30 minutes after the game... Shame the players on the pitch weren't as fast as our humour!


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Yeah they go around quick dont they?

I recon the mobile phone companies make em up and start them off, they must earn a fortune out of Joke texts,

Whats the difference between Lewis Hamilton and the England team?

Lewis has still got his McClaren icon_lol.gif

I got that about ten minutes after the game...before he was sacked icon_lol.gif

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