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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Has anyone noticed a change in style under Grant? Have we been playing beautiful one-touch football, Arsenal-esque?

Ok, to be fair he has been getting the results (Some can say we were unlucky against Arsenal, they defended well) - but is much of our play the same? Pass to the wide man, he pass' back to the fullback, pass to lampsy who switchs it to the other side, wide man then cross' it in.

Im not saying we are playing aweful; but in no clear terms are we playing sexy football - something that was asked for by Roman, that got Jose fired and gave Avram the job.

Ok, you're right, he doesn't have his team, its Jose' team he's working with - give him the summer, let him spend 180M, sell a few and bring a few in, tour USA and next season our play will seduce one and all.


Merry Christmas.

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At first there was a lot of talk about a different style of football and for a moment I actually believed the hype, but nope, seems we're still playing the risky game of grinding out small wins and defending for a lot of the match.

Maybe once Grant/Cate bring in a few of their own players we'll really see a change in the way we're playing.

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