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Why we HAVE to sign Karim BENZEMA !


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The gooners are sniffing around and it's a certainty Wenger will turn him into one of if not the worlds best.

With Eduado alongside him they will have a partnership in a few years right up there, i'm talking when the Drog and Anelka are past it here.

This kid is frightening at 19 and is worth a 30 million gamble just as much as Shevchenko was.( The going rate for a Lyon player ?)

I'm confused as any by our striker situation. Why was Pizarro bought one might ask, with the Drog likely to follow Jose and Huntelaar lined up (Surely all this Manc talk is bull - expect Berbatov to sign for them next season )

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Pizarro wasn't bought. We got him for free. Probably the only reason why we signed him. But I think most people thought he would to better than he has so far.

As for Benzema. Sign him now!

If we joins ManU, Arsenal or Liverpool I will be very sad. He's a huge talent and are bound to want to go to a big team. With Drogba probably leaving in the summer we need a new striker so why not go for a young one?

Benzema and Anelka together does sound nice.

He would come cheap but if we can splash out £30m on Sheva then we certainly can do the same on this guy.

19 years old. Might have 15 years left to play or so (depends on injuries and such). He's also a young talent who has already shown what he's capable of. It's not that easy to be great in the french league.

So, yes, sign him as soon as possible. Don't let him end up at Manure, Le A*se or Liverfool actions1.gif

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I would very much hope we consider him- he's sort of appeared out of nowhere under perrin, and you can't really judge a player based on one season alone (let alone half a season), the way it looks now he could be a special player.

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