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Pubs/TV-channels showing Champions League in the USA?

Paul Phoenix

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This might be very optimistic at the moment, but nevertheless, it would be good information to take along with me if Chelsea would get to the final, as I plan to travel to Los Angeles / California on May 18th, and with the game being on May 21th, it would be nice to know of any pubs in Los Angeles that might show the game live (maybe a british/english pub?). Have in mind that while the game is LIVE at 19:45 in England, the game will be live 8 hourse earlier (correct me if I'm wrong) in Los Angeles, which would be 11:45 in Los Angeles, and I'm not sure when pubs open around there, and whether this would be a priority over there. Also, would be good to know what local/US-channels might show the game.

And in case Chelsea doesn't get to the final, it might just be fun to watch it anyway, so the information would be good anyway.

Also, with the legal drinking age being 21 in the USA, is it still possible to get into a bar to watch football/soccer even if you're not 21? No problem for me, I'm 21, but my friend who I'm travelling with, is 19.

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your mate should be fine. I used to go to a couple of pubs in NYV to watch matches and there were families in there during the day so it was all good! I think, like the UK, the young uns have to be out at a later time.

I don't know about LA as it is a city I have never been to, nor would I ever want to go to (plenty other cities in California I would sooner visit), but any pub or restaurant for that matter, will usually have a few TVs in them showing sports of all kinds. ESPN 2 has the rights to show the Champions League games, and seeing as ESPN and ESPN 2 are pretty much standard in all bars and restaurants, you shuldn't have a problem finding the game.

Other premiership games are shown in Fox Soccer Channel which is an additional package that not all bars will purchase.

Anyway, you should be pretty safe to find the game, I just can't recommend anywhere to actually go in LA

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