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Why we still won't win the EPL, part 19...

Mike O

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Sorry to be a misery guts but I've stumbled upon the very real and terrifying fact that the EPL will ultimately be won in accordance to the wishes of ......Steve Bruce.

Remember the joy and zeal on that ugly muppet's iron-flattened face as Heskey knocked in the equaliser against us?

Remember his post match interview in which he alluded to the calls he'd taken from Ferguson ahead of the match begging him to do his alma mater a favour?

See the safety that Wigan almost find themselves in now? One win against Reading next week and they're laughing.

See the 'so what' fixture they have with Villa the following week?

Boys, I feel in my waters that even if we go into the final Sunday on equal points with Man U, old Stevie will have decked out the JJB in red bunting and got his mates Pallister, Parker, Schmeichel and Albiston along to prime the champagne bottles for the reds.

All of which means we must not only pick up the final 9 points but also get down the Madgeski to see Reading do Bruce's ugly conk in. They are, after all, managed by a red whose star shone well before 'Mr Grace and Dignity' turned up at OT.

Then, and only then, can we possibly expect Wigan to put up any sort of a fight on the 11th.

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We definitely can't rely on Bruce's Wigan to do us any favours unless they also need the points. Bruce would probably drop any player that might go against him and try e.g Mario. We need to hope Bolton can keep winning so that Wigan continue to look over their shoulders. Still we also have to beat United to have any chance. No mean feat in itself. Lets not worry too much about any of these scenarios until after next week.

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Well Mark Hughes was a boyhood Chelsea fan so I doubt he holds much allegiance to Man U these days.

Would be interesting to see the chelsea hating medias response if Bruce puts out a weakened team.

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