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Zenden goes the way of Spackman

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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But I lost the final with Liverpool last year so I'm hopeful they will do well again and win through this year.

I had a good time with the club and still have good contact with the players and staff over there.

From the BBC site

Loz - can we have permission to abuse the w@nker? He was absolute sh*te for us anyway.

For those who didn't get the Spackman reference - he also wanted Liverpool to knock us out of the CL the other year. The fact that he said that after part of the Bridge was named after him was a disgrace.

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To pull in a catchphrase from the Catherine Tate show "Am I bovvered?"

Spackman is disappointing as he had some of his best playing days here. Perhaps he was secretly always a Liverpool fan (I'm sure United fans hate that Hughesy is Chelsea for example). But Zenden? What did we get from him? We talk about players like Malouda this season but Zenden wasn't much better in my opinion and I honestly struggle to remember anything good that he did in a blue shirt. Even with Malouda I can at least remember a brave goal against United in the Charity Shield! It amazes me that Zenden can say he played for Barca, Chelsea and Liverpool when he such an average player.

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Zenden was similar to Malouda in terms of general uselessness, lack of pace and bite etc. The thing is, he was no different at L'pool.

As you say, it was worse coming from Spackman, but it pisses me off when any ex-players wants us to lose.

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I was surprised with Spackers he was a good player at both his stints at the bridge.

He obviousely favours his time in self pity city over his time at Chelsea,f**k him though!

Our support was throughly decent towards him,so bollocks to him!

As for Zenden what a horrible little c**t he is!

He scored a flukey goal on his debut (against Newcastle),another lucky chip against Bolton and a half decent goal against Utd at home (on a Friday night 2-2).

Apart from that he did nothing but flatter to decieve!

He even came out on the day we were due to play Derby away,and arrogantly stated he had 'never heard' of the european cup semi-finalists.

We needed to win the game,he played sh*t and we drew 2-2.

Its a shame his injury didn't put him out of football for good! PDT_nunu.gif

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