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Joe Cole


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Read in an article the other day, which seemed to sum him up.

''Joe Cole, when he has options available he is frustrating, when he doesn't he's brilliant''

So much natural ability, not the greatest decision maker.

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Bluenut, that quote can be put into context by applying it to one single play from the Saturday match against Manure. Essien had looked a man in the first few minutes of the match, certainly the most forceful player on the pitch. Joey takes the ball in some space and starts rampaging towards the goal, with Essien to his right WIDE OPEN -- literally wide open -- in tons of space. a simple tap to the right, one which I could have even seen and completed, was all that was needed to release Essien for an easy shot at goal. instead, Joey keeps his head down and drives forward without even a suggestion of passing it to Essien, running into 3 manure defenders. of course they dispossess him in the box without any trouble at all.

''Joe Cole, when he has options available he is frustrating..."

and then, through sheer luck, the ball bounces back towards Joey, and in an instant -- with no room, with no lead up, with no premeditation -- he is in the perfect position to make something out of nothing and salvage something from the play. he rips off a thunder shot that rackets off the side post, inches away from scoring.

''...when he doesn't he's brilliant.''

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he need rest 2 weak or more

bicose is to slow and going kill my nerves smack_head.gif

i thing it is good for low team for big team it is invisible


Malouda is back now he play realy good need time to adopt and he will be great happy0034.gif

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started more games than any other player this year, 43 in total, the next best is essien with 36, seems to me he has just hit a wall, that 10 days after the last prem game of the season to the CL final will come in handy

But how many has he played 90 min in?

I nagree - he does look jaded, bit like the Manu team.

C'mon Chelsea!

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In my opinion, Joe Cole has looked out of touch mainly due to Essien - who is currently on fire.

When Essien is put at right-back, he takes full control of the right flank and pretty much plays like a right wing-back.

At the same time, Joe Cole tries to break through the central defence (with the confidence that he can do it easily every time) and isn't too successful. And when he is, he shoots in urgency/panic and thus blasts wide, finishes poorly or just provides the goalie with some catching practice.

I don't know why he isn't going right down the flank, keep his cool and make a cross which can find someone. Only occassional break-throughs into the centre are required in my opion. If he remains calm, it won't take too long to find his form again.

However, he still remains one of my favourite Chelsea players and I admire him a lot due to his skill, pace and dribbling. And we should just remain patient, it is only a rare dip in his form and he will bounce back soon.

::Scalf:: C'mon Joey! ::Scalf::

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In my view he needs a decent forward going RB to be playing to better his game, he likes the little 1-2 s with the RB and he likes to start his run ont he corner of the box. I think without a forward RB he finds it difficult to create space. + I think he also looking very tired.

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as people have said he's tired from playing more games than anybody else this season, I also think his performances earlier in the season have made opposing managers take more notice of him, such as fergie needing a draw, playing silvestre who is nowhere near the player evra is overall as a left back but is a better defender. i think in recent weeks he's been marked out of games but a rest is well needed.

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