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The Final Betting.


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Iv'e been taking a look at the betting for the Champions League final.

I cant believe that you can get a best priced 9/4 (225%) on Chelsea winning in 90 minutes, whilst the best price on a Manure victory is 11/8 (137.5%), almost a whole point (87.5%)difference.

Both teams are best priced 9/1 to win on penalties.

To win in extra time Manure are 10/1 and Chelsea are 11/1. (Both good value as cover bets).

I dont think Manure will beat us over 90 minutes of play, simply going on the last meeting between the 2 teams, Rooneys goal (whilst a great finish) was handed to them on a plate, an unforced error on our part. Manure struggled for large parts against Wigan on Sunday, and had to rely on a penalty to get them off the mark. If your tough and tight, they struggle, and you can see it getting to them.

So my advice on the betting is this....

Chelsea 'to win in 90 minutes' - 50 points @ 9/4 (162.5 return)

Cover both 'to win on penalties' 8 points x2 @ 9/1 (80 return)

Cover both 'to win in extra time' Chelsea 8 points @ 11/1 (96 return)

............................................Manure 9 points @ 10/1 (99 return)

Total outlay 83 points.

Chelsea win...

Minimum 80 point return (3 point loss)

Maximum 162.5 point return (79.5 point gain)

Manure win in extra time - 99 point return (15 point gain)

Manure win on pens - 80 point return (3 point loss)

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Great advice Coco. Very impressive. Thing is I don't bet much at all and unfortunately I didn't understand a great deal here. 300.gif Is a point just a unit ie: 1 x $ etc. Sorry in advance. I will put something on due to your info if I crack it. Cheers.

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1 point = 1 unit of your choice,£1 or £0.10p or £0.05, you choose the unit. icon_wink.gif

Bookies love bets on 'the win' in cup matches, as a large % of matches go over 90 minutes and punters dont usually cover their bets for extra time and penalties.

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If you are going to have a bet on the big match, you should all bet with Paddy Power, they have just made this announcment...

Champions League Final : It’s Russian Roulette For Us!

After a fair amount of argument and a spot of desk thumping action we’ve decided to go crazy for the Champions League Final. We’re offering to refund all losing win-draw-win, goalscorer, correct score and half-time/full-time bets if Cristiano Ronaldo scores in normal time!

Given that he’s 7/4 to do exactly that, I reckon this must be the most generous ’special offer’ ever run by any bookie ever. It would definitely make it on to “Now That’s What I Call Money-Back Specials Vol. 1?

It’s always difficult to come up with these offers. On the one hand we love rewarding our regular punters, but then on the other the potential cost is enormous and there’s always the possibility of some bizarre scam dreamt up by some crazy Russian genius. That’s what causes the arguments. It doesn’t usually come to desk-thumping but I suppose when a couple of million quid is at stake tempers get frayed. At least we’re pretty confident that the crazy Russian genius is out of luck this time – or so our boffins tell us.

Given the circumstances, with two English teams in the final for the first time ever and coming at the end of another fantastic season, we felt we just had to give something back. If you want to do us a favour, when the little fecker scores a toe poke in the last minute of injury time, remember who your favourite bookie is.

Applies to singles placed before kick-off only.

Applies only to Win-Draw-Win, Corrrect Score, 1st/last/anytime goalscorer and Half-time/Full-time market bets.

Max Refund E300/?200 per customer.

Applies to win part of each way bets only.

Paddy Power football rules apply.

Ronaldo must score in normal time, offer does not apply to extra-time.

Own goals do not count.

Opta Index decision is final.

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