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Essien's Strike

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getting beaten by stoke, going 9 men down, losing all their defence, and not scoring 2 goals against a championship side in 110 minutes is SO AWESOME!!

surely every oldschool CFC fan should be squealing with joy right about now! i know i am..

im glad those north london chumps are coming unstuck, i really am. for years theyve been pissing money into the thames buying 20 new players every season and selling 19. They were always the secret spenders, chucking their cash everywere, but not getting the flak for it like we have, and sacking Jol, thei best coach, after 5 minutes of a bad run when Ramos has had 3 times as bad a go and now they CANT sack him!!


have fun getting kicked around the park in the Championship next season you lilly-white nancyboys muahahahah XD

..if this seems extreme, well.... tough!

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these are great times for us...

top of the pill and in the cl and we only bought 2 players and a manager the press is happy with ( as are we)

all seems well at the bridge.

the sp*rs bought al least 5 or so players..all so called talented..

like modric bentley and the goalkeeper gomes...but before they finally are a team it will

be after xmass and they'll be looking forward to trips to sellhurst ,cardiff and swansea!!!!

what a laugh they had at us in the 80 and early 90's ...who's laughing now!!!!!!!!!

like status quo sang!!! down down deeper and down!!!!!!!

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Martin Jol was great for the club, he dealt with the media well and always came across as a nice bloke. It was only a case of food poisoning which meant they missed out on the Champions League.

Levy & co are getting what they deserve. LOVIN' IT.

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