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Newcastle Ticket?


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Anyone else having a problem booking their ticket?

Its only letting me select the West Upper at £60 - any othe area in the stadium isn't an option.... what the hell??

I am NOT going to sit in that stand! Have I missed something? They've gone on sale to members....... thats me!

I got my Burnley ticket the other day, so after my initial problems I thought it was fixed - but the West Stand?!

Any ideas? :(

I mean what the hell, they went on sale MONDAY... they're hardly sold out!!



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Thanks Tim, so its not just me they're trying to block out..

Oh this is bollocks, now it won't let me get that far, the layout changed to a general ticketing service.

I want to send a stroppy email but as someone who deals with emails all day at my work - they get left to last.

I just want to buy tickets to watch my football team play, why do CFC want to screw that up? :(

EDIT: Okay, now its letting me buy tickets in the family stand in the East.. are they trying to add insult to injury?!?

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This is sh*t, how the hell can the website get away with this? Now its giving me the Shed end lower option (what I want) but it keeps erroring, LOAD OF BOLLOCKS!!! I'm TRYING to give them my poxy money!!!!!


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<Sigh> I managed to get through after about the 30th time of asking. Row 13... 13!! (lucky eh?) I'm usually in 4/5/6... oh well, at least I'm bloody going now! RECEIPT has been printed TWICE, one to keep at work and one at home...... Will also take it to the game with me... Jesus Christ, its not like it's a big bloody game or anything, its NEWCASTLE.


Disgusted from S E London!

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