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  1. Do you have a case and not a handbag/clutch bag?
  2. Just watched the London Grammar set on SXSW (Itunes festival) - orgasmic
  3. Just read an article saying the cast of 12 Years A Slave should clean up at the Oscars - awful that people still think like that in 2014.
  4. By the end of the season Willian will be challenging Hazard as the star of the team, and everyone will have forgotten about Mata. The kid has Mourinho player stamped on the back of his neck.
  5. Saw Steven Wilson for the upteenth time last night, has this guy ever played a bad gig? Nothing booked until next year, Polica and Anna Calvi. Although Anna Von Hausswolff is playing next weekend. I used to share a flat with her mum in my younger days so might go along as I'm sure she'll be there might be nice to catch up over a glass.
  6. Listening to a stream of Polica's new album on repeat (out on 24/10). http://www.thecurrent.org/listen/npr/230923589/first-listen Channy Leaneagh fills my thoughts 24/7
  7. Could be sad after Philip Chevron passing, old 56
  8. Being listening pretty much non-stop to Polica last couple of months This has now be interrupted by Check out Polica on the current iTunes Festival - bliss
  9. Did you know he was born with two, webbed left-feet.
  10. Going to see an acoustic set of Norwegian Maria Mena on Thursday think the aesthetics will be good. Then next Sunday another item will be crossed off the bucket list when I see Laura Marling.
  11. Optimistic. Can only imagine interest from FSW and Napoli wouldn't spend €23 - I think for better or worse we are stuck
  12. This os orgasmic http://youtu.be/_gMlZPpyCbA
  13. If you catch Woods on Saturday I would be interested to hear what you think.
  14. Strange when you hear something so far from your normal taste in music and yet you just can't stop listening to her/him/them. Went straight out and purchased both Ms Hutchings albums and am now driving wifey mad. Not that she doesn't like it, but constantly perhaps can be overkill.
  15. Nothing like reliving you long lost tooth youth
  16. It's that time of the year again for good old Way Out West; this year's line up http://www.wayoutwest.se/en/line-up
  17. I just watched the trailer, and was taken by the line "he's not a person, he's a daily mail reader". Let's face it, it would be a crap world if we all liked the same thing and there'd be no spuds and qpha fans to brighten our days.
  18. Went to see Sightseers http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2023690/. Was expecting a warm, funny English film, how wrong can you be. I must be thick because I've absolutely no idea what the film was about other than a couple committing numerous senseless murders. Avoid like the plague.
  19. Going to see Robert Cray next week, haven't listen to him for years, but a good bluesman is always worth a punt.
  20. The dreamlike, haunting debut album of "Quickbeam" proving there is beauty in Glasgow. Give your ears a treat!
  21. Gonna see Biffy for the first time since Brixton 2007, I really liked the first 3 albums, but felt they had taken a wrong turn with Puzzle, listening intensely to Opposites as I imagine this will dominate the set. Anyways, I'll be with daughter which is always a great pleasure. Think I'll catch Noah & the Whales next week.
  22. Did you like Gary Clark Jr (support to Clapton)?
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