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  1. But I can always do that thing with my mouth.
  2. Where the f**k is Ygritte, a 30 second glimpse is not enough. Her words haunt me every morning.
  3. I still want to see Tyrion take her virginity, but I reckon I've got as much chance of doing that.
  4. You do say the sweetest things
  5. Carefully position a "W" in that sentence and your dream could come true
  6. You my dear, can have any full frontal you want; your wish is my command.
  7. The real reason is because they're refilming a few scenes to bring the nudity to blood ratio up after I complained about a lack genitalia
  8. The last line of "All men must die" was a disappointment I thought he loved Debbie in Love Hate.
  9. A severe lack of nudity in season 4 so far, thinking about calling it a day.
  10. It was a proclamation not a question.
  11. Why read about when you can get a hunk like me and live the dream
  12. Probably Jon Snow, especially if he got to shag Ms Targaryen. Yes I am that shallow.
  13. Is this from the Ms Targaryen school of punctuation?

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