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Chelsea Quiz Number 10

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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1. Name the Chelsea player who often came out at half time and put the ball down to kick off even if Chelsea had kicked off in the first half (he used to do it about 10 times a season and quite often got away with it)

2. What happened for the first time in the clubs history on August 15th 1998 when we played, and lost 2-1 to, Coventry.

3. Whilst trying to flog a player to prospective parties Tommy Docherty said ‘A hundred thousand wouldn’t buy ___________, Bill’ to Bill Shankly. Shankly replied ‘Aye! And I’m one of the hundred thousand!’ Which player were they talking about?

4. In a similar vein to question 2 in April 1957 we played away at St James Park but before the game had even started we had created a little piece of football history (yes even Liverpool hadn’t done this!) – what was this piece of history?

5. Which of our current youth players won both ‘Player of the Year’ and ‘Young Player of the Year’ at the club they were loaned to in the 2007/08 season?


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Reminder time

Only 6 entries in so far (moi, kalpitv, cassiya, chelsea rotterdam, rub buh juh and dkw) so a lot of the regulars still to submit.

I will post results and a new quiz tomorrow evening.

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