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Transfers of the 2008/2009 season so far


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Found this quite interesting.

The first thing you notice is how high Manchester United and Liverpool's outgoings are compared to Chelsea and Arsenal. Of course with Chelsea this isn't anywhere near as impressive as a few seasons ago we were spending silly money, but it again enforces the point that we're trying to do decent business now which is good to see. Arsenal's spending record is just ridiculously impressive, but almost to the point you have to wonder what they'll do when Wenger leaves; is there any other manager in the world who can do so much on such a tight budget?

Plenty of other interesting points though, such as Villa's large spending no doubt being a large reason behind why they're such a strong force this season.

Man City, the highest amount spent on transfers and they're just sitting outside of the relegation zone on goal difference, and since they've added a silly amount of quality to an already great team, it's not so much of a surprise that certain aspects of the media are speculating that Hughes may leave, although I think it'll be sad if he's not given until at least the end of the season.

Another interesting thing I've noticed are the out goings for Stoke and Hull. Stoke have spent a lot of money and seemingly bought in an almost new squad, they're doing very well as a result, but Hull, who spent less than half the amount are playing absolutely brilliant football, so entertaining to watch and their team is packed with quality. So glad they made it into the Premiership :lol:

Sorry for my random musings here, just thought it was kinda interesting :D

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Quite interesting but I wondered about a few things:

Why is Tevez on the list with sold players (I guess that's the list anyway) and have City bought Jo?

Some teams have done some nice business. I'm a bit impressed by West Ham. They might have some money to spend in january. Hopefully we do too :(

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In terms of the Premiesrship overall the signing of the season has to be Givoanni of Hull City and Robinho of Manchester City. Both have done very well for their respective clubs. It was just a shame that Robinho could not have gone to Chelsea. He would have been even better than he is now at Eastlands.

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I find this very interesting too, thanks for sharing blize

Some crazy things to note there

-Spurs spent 90 million on players? Jesus christ. If they didnt sell Keane or Berbatov they might be in serious trouble. Oh wait....

-Stoke spent 26 million? Unreal that Hull, and not they, are the high flyers

-13 million for Sidwell and Two Bob Haim was damn good business on our part. Why Man City bought him I dont know

-Villa spent alot but clearly flew under the radar and got a great team

-Man City did a whole lot of damage in six transfers. And now Jo is already on the outs. At least we gave Mutu a season to be sh*te

I cant believe we have done such good business this summer. This + our tv, matchday, and marketing revenues should surely start to bring us into the black on yearly expenditure

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