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  1. yeah, ok then. Will the anti semite Salah play against Jewish owned West Ham or does he need to wait for a work permit ?
  2. sabotage times has an interesting take on the signing.
  3. have a look at the "we ain't got no history" site...its a Chelsea forum btw
  4. I think so...do you want me to find out for you ?
  5. he refused to shake hands with players from Maccibi tel Aviv.Basle attracted a lot of support from Egypt after he was signed, but it presented them with problems with many offensive comments having to be removed from club pages...Salah was urged to boycott that game by Egyptian groups. It was in the Telegraph, few days ago, you probably missed it.
  6. I agree with you...it was a big deal at the time, can't imagine him refusing to shake Romans hand !!
  7. Tell you what I'll be there on Wednesday, I'll buy you a pint in a gesture of reconciliation.Choose a pub, one where west ham haven't plotted up in, waiting for their escort preferably !! PS...I'll be the old fart in the corner !!! That's if your not too busy on here, of course. In fact I'm gonna check in here on Thursday and see how many die hards couldn't make it !!
  8. huh?...for telling the truth ?...salah is pro Palestinian and anti Israel...seeing as Roman funds projects in Israel, my observation is re!evant.
  9. loz, my original comment was about the man utd wind up video where they made our fans look like mugs. Several of the fans interviewed were foreign, I merely said that too many foreign fans was the problem.For that, I was called a c**t, so it all stems from that. I am nothing if not polite on here.
  10. you might want to ask Salah that question, seeing as he refused to shake Israeli players hands !!
  11. Oh yeah I'm Chelsea all right, from Tromso, Stockholm, Bratislava Munich and all.points in between.I'm an old fart too !!....but you gotta admit, this is much better than the usual stuff on here...perhaps there should be a wind up thread on the shedend?
  12. Roman doesn't go to that many games, look it up if you don't believe me..not that it matters much really.
  13. Roman doesn't celebrate every goal we score, he doesn't go to that many games mate.He wouldn't have had enough points for the Munich final.

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