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  1. Cobham

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    This was the match with that famous solo run by Pat Nevin. It was supposed to be on MOTD I think. There was a strike or something and it never got shown. Funny thing is I'm really sure I saw the outside broadcast van and cameras and stuff outside the Bridge. I always wondered if they actually took footage that day. Would love to see that run again.
  2. Cobham

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    The Fulham match was brilliant of course, one of the best that season. Seeing the Cardiff match coming up reminded me once again of the lad who died at Huddersfield. The club held a minute's silence before kick off and Cardiff sang all the way through it. I was in Gate 13 so very close to them. The boys in there were not best pleased. The second the silence ended there was some serious vitriol hurled their way. I know it wasn't but I always like to think that some of what happened at Ninian Park later that season was payback for that. A scummy thing to do.
  3. Cobham

    Favourite Ever Away Game

    This is waaaaaaaaaaay too difficult a question. How can we possibly choose one? It's one of these though, I make no excuse for choosing a top ten. Bolton 1982-3, 1-0, don't need to explain that one. Portsmouth 1983-4, 2-2, lots of fun was had that night including a full 90 mins of taking the piss out of Alan Biley and his Rod Stewart haircut. Also the clock if anyone remembers that. "What's the time, what's time, what's the time?" Mayhem on the A3 and on the trains. Grimsby 1983-4, 1-0 emotional scenes, nearly died in a crush. Chelsea are back. Arsenal 1984-5, 1-1, again, no need to explain this one. Chelsea are back (again). Everton 1985-6 (Milk Cup replay after 2-2 draw at the Bridge), 2-1. Champions Everton beaten with 10 men after Darren Wood got sent off (is it cruel to say that may have actually improved the side?) One of the best Chelsea goals I've ever seen from King Kerry. Small Chelsea turn out but very vocal. Man Utd 1985-6, 2-1, killed off their challenge for the title shortly after we'd blown ours (believe me QPR 6-0 is definitely not on this list) "Who the f**k are Man Utd?" for 45 mins after the game. West Ham, 1985-6, 2-1, killed off the Pikey's challenge for the title, thank f**k. Really did not want them to win it. Good turnout, well up for it. Went a goal down but came back in a hostile atmosphere, one of the really great wins from that era. It was so important to win that one, doesn't bear thinking about the Pikey's winning the league. Spurs, 2001-2, FA Cup, 4-0, brilliant atmosphere, like the old days, top quality revenge, "Normal service has resumed." Arsenal 2003-4, Champions' League QF, 2-1, "Oh Wayne Bridge, scored a f**king great goal..." Bolton, 2004-5, 2-0, "Have you ever seen Chelsea win the league?"
  4. Cobham

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    I see Huddersfield away is coming up. Some poor bloke was kicked to death if I remember correctly. Him and his mate (both scarfers not firm) tried to get to their car, they made it but he didn't manage to get in whereas his mate did. That's how I remember it anyway. Sometimes those smaller provincial towns could be the worst places. My missus is from Huddersfield. I always brought this up when the mother-in-law ever said anything about the behaviour of Chelsea fans.
  5. Cobham

    Chelsea v Derby County August 1983.

    Brilliant thread. I did Derby opening day then Gillingham away in the LC, then Brighton (was in the carriage next to the one where the poor bloke nearly had his head knocked off), skipped Blackburn away but did Cambridge at home (day after my 17th birthday) then skipped Gillingham at home. I remember being pissed off missing out on Sheff Weds away, couldn't make it for some reason, but never mind because I went to the enthralling 0-0 against Middlesbrough. I have no recollection of that match at all. Must have been as dull as it sounds. Pick of those games so far - Derby for the sheer surprise, can remember the buzz after that match. We were all a bit incredulous. Was it just one of those results or were we on to something? Brighton for obvious reasons Gillingham away was kind of fun. Good turn out. I went down early. Too early. Copper said to me "What are you the advanced guard?" I said to him "You wait, there'll be thousands of us here later." He laughed but I bet he wasn't laughing later. Loads of Chelsea there and quite a few in their end. Busy night for the OB.
  6. Cobham

    Herman Crespo - Home and Away

    That game against Liverpool was when I really started to loathe the Fat Spanish Waiter. I mean I didn't like him before but that was when I really began to resent his nonsense. He used to come out with that crap that Liverpool has 'sussed us out' and were our bogey team. It was so stupid because the results didn't read that way at all but I guess the Champions' League result made many people believe him, certainly the media bought it hook, line and sinker. Then they came to the Bridge and we f**king battered them. They'd finished a million points behind us the season before and were simply not as good as us. This game showed it. We bossed them and in the ground you could feel it. We all knew it, their fans and ours, they weren't at the races. Crespo was magnificent. That disallowed goal was ridiculous, I was level with it and he was miles onside, it was just his brilliant movement (he was maybe the best at this that I've ever seen) but the lino couldn't believe anyone could be that far ahead of the defender and basically gave it because of that. It was a travesty. Reina was humiliated by Crespo, completely humiliated. He was getting the piss taken out of him by the MH something rotten. I firmly believe this was why he raced out of his goal and scissor tackled Eidur, he'd completely lost it. It was a bad tackle and he got away with it. Then he weakly swiped at Robben's face in the area and got himself sent off. To be fair, Robben made a meal of it but I always felt he deserved to go for the tackle. I accept that he did get his toe to he ball but you could see it was always his intention to just take Eidur out. Anyway, what I hated about this is that the FSW managed to control the way the media reported the match by making it all about Robben's pathetic dive. The truth of it was that we had battered them. Reina was a twat that day, he'd lost control of himself, that should have been the story.
  7. This question was inspired by a documentary I was watching on YouTube tonight, 'Keane and Viera - Best of Enemies' (which I thoroughly recommend, it was very good). They were both such great players and I would have loved to have seen either of them playing for us so it got me thinking about that, which opposition players I would have really loved to have had in our sides. So the game is you can choose either one player from each decade going back as far as you like or maybe one player for each particular side (i.e John Neal's, Hollins's, Porterfield's, Vialli's etc.) My choices would be: The sides of 79-83. Anyone, anyone at all, lol. Pick anyone from a thousand candidates. For the promotion team of 83-84 I think they would have benefited from a really good all round midfielder so I'm going for Souness. We were great up front - Nevin, Speedie, Dixon were as good if not better than anyone else's forward lines - and the defence was not bad either with Patesy and Big Joe and Eddie (though a full back or two was where our real weakness lay). Despite that need for full backs I think it might be fair to say that Johnny B and Spackers were maybe not quite up to the standard we needed then. I thought the signing of Hazard gave us the extra guile at the time but Souness had the lot, tough guy but could play a bit too. That team was maybe 3 players short of winning the league in '86, the full backs and that midfielder. I would have loved Gascoigne to have been with us from 87 onward instead of Spurs. I don't think he would have made that team win the league or anything like that, they were further off than that previous promotion squad (imo) and one player wouldn't have made enough difference, but the football would have improved and it would have been so enjoyable to watch. It's an obvious thing to say but he would have been such a hero and a hit to us back then, he would have fitted right in with our crowd and would have been a good fit for the club at that time, we probably would have failed but in true Chelsea fashion we would have done it with some style. In Hoddle's then Ruud's teams I would have liked to have seen Roy Keane who I would pick as the one player we could have done with in the 90s if I could only pick one. The bloke was a winner and a very good player and I think he would have sorted out the attitude and help change the mentality of the club as it transitioned into being winners rather than underachievers. For Gianluca's side it's fairly easy. We could and maybe would have won the league in 99 if it hadn't been for injuries to our goalscorers - Casiraghi, Flo, Poyet - so I would go for Shearer. Guaranteed goals. I think he would have seen us over the line that year. In Ranieri's teams I would say we were good up front (Jimmy and Eidur) but once again maybe lacking in defence and midfield. I think you'd be pretty crazy not going for Viera during that period. We might have won a cup or to more with him in that team and probably would have finished a little higher up the league table than those two 6th places we had before the buy out. So it looks like I'm all about the central midfielders, the all rounders. I'd be really interested to hear from some of our older fans about their picks from the 60s and 70s. I've heard a few times that Georgie Best always said he would have liked to have played for us if he hadn't been at United. Would you choose him for the entertaining football or was there someone else who maybe could have maybe transformed that late 60s/early 70s side into a more complete one?
  8. Cobham

    Away support

    When it as good it was very, very good and when it was poor... it was average, no better or worse than anyone else. Most of the big teams have gone through phases of good and bad support. We had ours too. I wasn't there in the 70s but the support held up well despite some hard times. Take a look at the average attendances at home, they were very good all things considered. In the 80s it was poor at home (in an era where everyone's support dropped too) but pretty incredible away. There was no other team taking the numbers away that we did given how small our home support was at that time. We could get 12-15k at home one week and yet regularly take 3-5k away the next weekend, sometimes more. The fact is it was fairly sh*t watching football at the Bridge unless it was a big game. Honestly you could often not hear the Shed from the far end of the Benches. I loved the place in a way and really miss it now but it wasn't a good place to watch a Div 2 match against Cambridge with their 50 fans in an away end that could hold 10k. Add to that the whole football violence culture and the fact that a lot of our young fans who became supporters in the 70s cup winning era coming of age around that time and away days were way more fun. I know it was Leeds so there was obviously the rivalry to take into account but taking 5-6k there in 82/83 off the back of an average 12.5k at home is madness. This was the problem at Brighton in 83. Batesy told them that we'd bring 5k down there but they simply didn't believe him. I was 20 mins late inside the ground because there were only two turnstiles open outside the away end and it was absolute mayhem. Still got to see both goals though. :))) Sometimes we had truly awesome away support. Aston Villa in Sept 84 springs to mind, no great rivals of ours but the whole of the away end was full as was the side stand (Centenary?) all the way to the half way line. I believe it was officially 7-7.5k. There was a piece in the next home programme where Doug Ellis said it was the best support he'd seen in his time at Villa Park. Bear in mind that Villa, who won the European Cup in 1982 would only bring a few hundred to Chelsea in those days. As I said it wasn't always like that. Either the next season or the one after I went again and we didn't even fill the away end. I was in the seats above the terracing and there were not that many in there. So it's true it wasn't always good, some seasons there were special reasons for our following. 83/84 was large because of the great football and success starved fans, 84/85 was large because of the previous season's success, the feelgood factor and the fact that for many of us it was our first time visiting many of the big grounds like Anfield and Old Trafford. Let's face it a Saturday afternoon at Anfield is a bigger drawer than a Wednesday night in Rotherham. Everyone wanted to go to all these new grounds or revisit ones they'd last been to in the 70s so we had some great turnouts. It wasn't just turnouts though, it was quality as well as quantity. Away games were just one long sing-song most times I went. I can remember so many games where it was constant throughout the match. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say we had a great deal of passion as a set of fans/ Allied to that we had a lot of young supporters (16-25) who were there for the crack as much as the football. That made for some pretty amazing support. In the 90s it stagnated a bit in terms of numbers home and away until the successes at the end of the decade. We could still draw a crowd but I would say the away numbers weren't always as impressive as they had been in the mid 80s. Still had some big ones though, Utd away in the cup in 99 (?) also the semi against them in 96 at Villa Park. They were totally and utterly outsung that day until they finally took the lead. There was a very memorable One Man Went To Mow where our entire support managed to stay in time for once, half the ground rising in unison together, it was the best I ever heard and the Utd fans were stunned. 2000s started out much as the 90s ended and then came the consistent success. Now the home crowds are large but often perhaps quieter than than those in the past and with aways it's hard to tell since there are limits on numbers now.
  9. Before my time: Arsenal 1933 Old Trafford 1970 Millwall 1976 Sheff Wed 1955 Athens 1971 Since first going as a 12 yr old in 1979 I've done quite a few of the games that have gone down as legendary for various reasons - Bolton 83 (a), Leeds 83 (h & a), Brighton 83 (a), Man City 84 (a), Grimsby 84 (a), Arsenal 84 (a), Millwall 84 Milk Cup (h & a) and FA Cup, Sheff Wed 85 Milk Cup (h), Sunderland 85 Milk Cup (h & a), Man City 86 Full Members Cup, 94 Cup Final and Semi, 97 Cup Final, Stockholm 98, Arsenal (a) CL 2004, Bolton (a) 2005, various away victories at Old Trafford, Spurs and West Ham, the Steady Eddie goalkeeping display at Fulham mentioned above and so on, but these are some I missed: Sheff Wed 4 Chelsea 4 Did so many games that season including both the home games in this incredible tie but missed this one as I couldn't find a way up there given such short notice (was it arranged for two days after the first game?) Was gutted at the time and still regret it to this day. Listened to extra time on a radio outside Plough Lane where I'd gone and watched Wimbledon knock Forest out of the Cup. There were loads of Chelsea who'd done the same. Funny thing was I'd asked someone with a radio for our score at half time (3-0 down) and had given up all hope of course. Cardiff 3 Chelsea 3 This is the only match that season that I really wish I'd been at. I missed a few that year but did all the ones I consider important/memorable/legendary except this one. Chelsea 4 Liverpool 2, 1997. Was at university in York for the year and relied on a mate to get me a ticket so I could come down and he f**ked up. Barcelona 2 Chelsea 2, would have loved to have been at this one. Can't stand Barca. Such tension and such an incredible result. Munich. It pains me to even write this, still hurts for sure. I live in Canada now, moved here in Dec 2008. Stopped going in 2005 after watching us win the League at Bolton (after all, what was the point we'd "done it all" now, lol). I thought it was a nice symmetry, a nice place to stop, since I was also at Bolton in '83. I did come out of retirement to go to Moscow (well we hadn't done that had we?) and I hope if we ever do it again I'll be there next time but I missed our first and I'll never be able to change that. Saddest thing was I was over in the UK, just happened to have booked a trip home that May. Got myself a flight to Salzburg but never managed to get hold of a match ticket. Ended up deciding to watch it in the Imperial with a couple of mates.
  10. Cobham

    Chelsea vs Spurs head-to-head

    The two 4-nils, just days apart, only six weeks after losing our unbeaten run against them with that horrendous 5-1 drubbing when Gus did his little twirl. The second one for the most perfect hat trick from JFH but the first one at the Lane was my favourite. They came out kicking in that game convinced the hoodoo was over and they would do us again (check the highlights if you can find them, some absolutely appalling challenges went in and Spurs should have been at least a man down before the end of the first half, it was terrible refereeing). It was brutal and it was a battle before our class shone through. Great goals and a great win but mostly what an atmosphere! Proper old school away game at the Lane with some brilliant chants - "6 weeks, it's only been 6 weeks" in reference to our annually increasing "It's only been 9 years" or "It's only been 10 years" songs. But my favourite was the famous "Normal service has resumed". Looking back on it we really put them back in their place and it might be fair to wonder whether our record against them since would have been quite as good had we not slapped them down again that week.
  11. Cobham

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I had that, actually still do somewhere. Not sure who did the commentary (Kenneth Wolstenholme?) but it was brilliant. After Webby's goal - "Away to my left is the most amazing sight you will ever see in your life. The whole of that covered enclosure is a moving sea of royal blue and white." Used to give me goose bumps every time.
  12. Cobham

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I remember her on the special to Leeds in '83 leading a chorus of "We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds..." as we lined up for our Wagon Wheels, Mars Bars and Panda Pops cola.
  13. Cobham

    Your first Chelsea game?

    Looks like Cardiff remember it well too: http://www.cardiffcityforum.co.uk/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=93441
  14. Someone said earlier on this thread that it would be interesting to see who had the highest attendances pre-war. Well, I've finally gotten around to doing it. Here are the scores on the doors and I think you might be pleasantly surprised. 1. Chelsea – 30,489 2. Aston Villa – 28,665 3. Arsenal – 28,444 4. Newcastle – 27,685 5. Spurs – 27,361 (missing 1906, 1907 and 1908 so averaged over 27 years, not 30 and would probably be lower in this list as attendances were lower in those early years.) 6. Man City – 27,240 7. Everton – 26,812 8. Liverpool – 25,597 9. Man Utd – 22,815 I used this website for my attendance figures which is the standard one to go to for attendance information. http://www.european-football-statistics.co.uk/attn.htm. I added each clubs yearly average from 1906 until 1939 then averaged them out (a total of 30 seasons because of interruption for WWI.) It is off course possible that there are mistakes, maybe some 'dyslexic' moments from punching in a huge amount of figures., but I checked ours and Arsenal's twice so I think those are definitely accurate. If anyone wants to double check the rest please feel free. ;-) I think this should definitely be filed under 'the good'. Remember also that every single one of these clubs bar us actually won a trophy in this period, sometimes multiple trophies. What fickle fans we had! "Never been a big club" = bollocks.
  15. Good question GM. I'm a bit busy at the moment but when I get the chance I might just do that. I strongly suspect we might come in the top 3, maybe top 2.