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  1. Jose didn't want Remy to be hurt? Lol. That's amusing, if I may say so. To play against 10 men, leading 1 zip, I would have Remy out there immediately to run at those thugs big time. That's the way I see it anyway. Now Jose talks about the team wasn't mentally tough to carry on for the win. Lol.
  2. Ward, If your better player Remy is on the bench, then why not take on him? The team first, players second, I have read somewhere. So far as I can say, Drogs has very little in him. Keep him on as a motivator to pep up the boys, but to play him when the game is in its crucial phase is not in my repertoire.
  3. I don't know why Drogs is being used by Jose and Remy is twirling his thumbs on the bench. What exactly is Jose trying to get out of Drogs? On Wednesday night, I hope Remy, Zouma and the other players that were not used so far are on the pitch.
  4. Roughly 200 fans greeted Torres at the airport. Ferda walked out carrying the AC flag. Lol. Like a shot, that is some start for him. Lol.
  5. How can one say, Torres tried, he didn't succeed, but it was up to the club? Lol. Did anyone in the club tell him to falter over the ball too?
  6. Figure, I do not shout out for any scapegoat. I write as I have witnessed him play for Chelsea. I witnessed very little on the pitch.
  7. If you multiply 175 thou a week times 104 weeks, that money will be paid by Milan. Chelsea saves this money & it will look neat on the FFP. I said it earlier, Chelsea is a winner on the pitch, in the transfer market too.
  8. Whether he fell short but he tried, is irrelevant nowadays. He has performed very little for Chelsea. Torres will be deemed as the biggest flop at Chelsea.
  9. Whatever is part of this mess, I do not even want to know or wish to know. This man did so much harm, it is not even funny. Coaches were fired, players left, mainly because of him. I bid him well, but...
  10. Remy negotiations are on. Not actually sure why him.
  11. Jose is still not aware Torres has left to Milan. Some of these UK papers are amazing.
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