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  1. And who would you be? The guy 200 years ago lynching a black guy from a tree for looking at a white woman since that was in fashion then instead of being a SJW, both times accusing people of things without verifying? Reason I said it because monkey is not a f**king exclusively racist word, it's a an animal, when the teacher comes in to a class room and says whats with the monkey business because kids are swinging off the f**king ceiling, they mean that, foolish behaviour, not whats with the behaving like black people business, hardly a f**king stretch to say maybe the guy didn't mean that, her maybe he didn't it was a suggestion, don't try and put me out for prey because I tried to give someone teh benefit, thats what incomplete little men do.
  2. Digging a hole with who? Why would a monkey mean stupid? Is that a serious question, because we are humans, so in context...you ever heard the term monkey business? Or did I make that up? It means making an arse of something, f**king around, like the old joke about a bunch of chimps on typewriters, this isn't ground breaking stuff, been around for quite a while..
  3. What fine line is that, saying give people the benefit of the doubt? I couldn't give a f**k about the guy, I don't know him and don't support calling a black man a monkey, I just said lynch mentality not great seeing the plethora of comments go in, ask him what he meant, he will either admit it and get banned or have to retract it and realise he is a c**t...is that not more sensible that all calling him a c**t and patting ourselves on the back, but to be clear I couldn't care less, it was a throw away comment because I hate mob mentality....
  4. Yes that's right, a manager with 70 percent possession and triple the chances NEVER makes a sub in teh first half "don't be naive" do you watch football mate, you're expecting him to do stupid things ask for a second opinion if you won't take my word for it
  5. I called him a prat for the foul throw does that make me bad also...anyway why the f**k am I talking about this bollox for a stranger I never met who may well be a c**t and deserve the 40 negative comments, ganging up like school girls just irks me that's all, happy to move on, terrible thing that saying give someone the benefit of the doubt and ask before annihilating them, sounds like another detestable thing black people actually suffered from....lynch mobs.
  6. I don't know the history, if he meant that obviously it's unacceptable, but why not ask him instead of 40 comments all saying he is a c**t, hard to be a Chelsea fan and hate black people no? I remember watching games and frank and JT were the only white outfielders....It's proper behaviour to ask not assume then go in...that's how I was raised, hence I said it's like people WANT to be offended so they can all slate someone feel like they have done a good job and get likes off strangers. Not my way but yea maybe he did mean that, or maybe he meant a monkey as in someone stupid and just didn't think of the implications, only he can tell you that.
  7. Is it? So only black people can be called monkeys in your opinion? Seems racist to me. When Lenny Mclean said I hate northern monkeys he meant black people right? He might have meant that but people are quick to assume, why not ask him if that's what he meant?
  8. Btw I call white people monkey all the time, chimp like behaviour, the fact you assumed its because willian is black makes you racist maybe? He could well have meant that but slow down with the labels, people seem to want to be offended
  9. Congratulations you c**ts you're in 18th with a game in hand, you've done it
  10. Well done willy you useless prat
  11. relax lads it was the Moyes effect
  12. Moaning about 5 minutes when Antonia effectively just took a f**king nap on the pitch for no reason
  13. willian couldn't put a ball in a jockstrap
  14. nether here nor there asking the manager to make changes in the first half at 1-0 down is ridiculous, would never happen.
  15. 2 chances in 2 minutes, what can the manager do about that