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  1. Why don’t you look at the context of him taking another needless dig earlier that I didn’t get i to? I know you have a little pink badge but don’t feel free to call me names when you fancy especially when it’s unjust.
  2. Muppet? You trying to be Mini Loz wood in green street you clown 😂 “Woman hating” is that all you have you pathetic twirp...you know nothing about me fool. You said you don’t remember Chelsea scoring from corners....f**king idiot JT ivanovoc and Drogs on a team even GC like I said been watching 5 minutes overnight expert
  3. That’s because youve been a soccer ball fan for 5 minutes it used to be our bread and butter
  4. Looks like kante is our most attacking midfielder....he defiantly has developed his attacking game under sarri, mind you he started his career as a winger
  5. Seeing frank lampard staples we haven’t had for years cutting through balls on the floor
  6. What’s azpi doing its f**king miles over he is stretching for a ball going out with no one round him there’s safety and there is stupidity
  7. I hate this Scouse c**t habit boo for 90 minutes when the other teams in the ball it’s horrible to listen to
  8. Turkish announcer is a legend shat all over walk alone just got in the tannoy and drowned them out 😂
  9. Glad to see Cech taking a hands on role not sitting in a board room, he walked into the changing room with the team like one of the squad
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