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  1. drill that in teh bottom right, come on morata
  2. zaha is too good for palace, he is turning Azpi inside out with ease
  3. f**king get in, pipe those Palace noisy twats down, f**k off back to south early
  4. Morata has woken up sexy spanish stallion
  5. Had to score, head that into teh ground
  6. That's why the rule is benefit to the attacker, if it's that close you keep the little f**king flag down by your leg
  7. Redknapp said it's a goal that's how you f**king know it's a goal
  8. I've watched it back again that was a f**king goal, but then again....Chelsea, what do you expect
  9. https://www.neostreamz.com/soccer2/
  10. Could be Giroud had a knock, worst case can play Hazard through the middle I guess. How's Bats doing at Valencia. wouldn't be surprised if we recalled him, no quality strikers available in Jan I wouldn't think
  11. Barkley keeps his spot, Hazard on the bench
  12. After the dippers draw atvtge emirates a win here puts us back into second, and is that another international break coming up, what a pain in the arse
  13. WalterWhiteCFC

    Chelsea V Derby (LC) Wed 31st Oct 19:45 UK

    I know we are welcoming back frankie but we are being a bit generous at this point
  14. WalterWhiteCFC

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    He's a scouser it could have been worse, he would be well within his cultural norms to have a perm and a moustache
  15. WalterWhiteCFC

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    *2 assists