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  1. Agree with that. Would like Brendan Rodgers too but reckon wouldn't come until end of season. However he did jump ship quickly from celtic to city
  2. Would much rather give him a two year deal than the likes of John stones. Plus he would come with bags of experience. Only down side is he would demand big wages and also not the fastest of defenders.
  3. Surprised we have not been linked with him. Think he would be a decent signing. Yes he’s 29 but could get a good 3 seasons out of him, probably get him for around 55-60m. 15m more than dunk and he obviously has played at a higher level in the champions league. Much rather spend the extra bit and get him rather than Dunk. Man City have been linked but don’t have the best of relationship with Napoli after the Jorginho saga. Realistic target ?
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